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This girl on the go makes breaking a sweat — with her dad! — a priority. Hailee Steinfeld, 21, gives Us a sneak peek at her typical healthy routine.

Rising With the Sun
She’s an early bird! Steinfeld tells Us her alarm clock is “the bright California sun.” As soon as the morning rays creep into her window around 7 a.m., the Los Angeles native says she finds herself “instantly awake.”

The Most Important Meal
For breakfast, the Bumblebee actress grabs a bowl (“maybe two bowls!”) of Kellogg’s cereal. Special K Oats and Honey is her favorite variety.

Furry Friends
Before heading out for the day, the “Let It Go” singer spends quality time with pooches Paris (a miniature Goldendoodle, pictured) and Bruno, a Cock-A-Chon. “I catch up on emails and social media while giving them their morning belly rubs,” she says.

The Best Trainer
Her steady workout partner? “My dad!” she says. “He’s a great motivator.” The star and her father, Peter, a personal trainer, focus on circuits of “high-intensity training with a combination of resistance and cardio,” explains Steinfeld, who also loves kickboxing and jogging. “I try to work out 15 minutes per day at least,” she says. “On average I work out five days a week.”

Brotherly Love
After working up a sweat, Steinfeld meets her older brother, former Nascar driver Griffin, for a bite to eat. Her fuel of choice includes grilled chicken, broccoli and brown rice: “My go-to power lunch,” she says.

Loves Long Walks
She winds down by taking in a Malibu sunset at the beach: “No better feeling than the sand between my toes!” While breathing in the salty air, she catches up with pals by making “some overdue phone calls.”

Bon Voyage
This globe-trotter has a flight to catch! In addition to a packaged snack bar, she counts “AirPods, a notebook and a pen” among her in-flight essentials. “When I’m traveling,” she tells Us, “I drink lots of water, exercise daily and take my vitamins!”

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Being in a relationship can be scary, but being in a relationship that is subject to scrutiny from the general public is even scarier. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for most celebrities, and Hailee Steinfeld is not here for it! While many of us are dying for her to make her romance with Niall Horan official, Hailee is planning on keeping it under wraps. “Hailee’s fully into Niall, she thinks he’s sexy, talented, and super hot. She wants a serious relationship with Niall, but she’s nervous and a little scared. So, she’s taking it slow and trying to keep it super secret. She isn’t ready to make it public, she doesn’t want the pressure,” a source close to Hailee tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Pretty understandable, right?

“She really admires what Taylor [Swift] has done this time around. How she’s kept her relationship with Joe [Alwyn] so secretive. Hailee’s trying to follow Taylor’s example and keep things with Niall top secret. But, it’s not easy because she’s really into him and when they’re together it’s hard for her to hide it,” our source continued. Now that we think of it, Taylor has done a good job at keeping her relationship with Joe pretty low-key. However, we have a feeling it’ll be a lot harder for Hailee, and not because “she’s really into him.”

As we previously told you, Niall and Hailee were spotted showing off major PDA in the Bahamas on April 18! Not only were they cuddling, but they were even kissing. So, you can understand why we think the news is bound to come out. Nevertheless, we can totally understand Hailee’s perspective, and we wish her and Niall the best!

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Niall Horan, 24, told Justin Bieber, 24, that he was interested in Hailee Steinfeld, 21, months ago, and apparently, Justin gave him some incredible advice. A source close to Justin EXCLUSIVELY told us about Niall and Justin’s heart-to-heart conversation about Hailee. “Justin and Niall are closer than many people know,” our source said. “But it wasn’t until Justin popped up and surprised Niall at a show he had at an intimate Los Angeles music venue last September that their conversations began to really become more personal. Justin and Niall enjoyed a cozy dinner, and it was then that Niall broke the news to Justin that he and Hailee were talking more and more and were getting really close. Justin’s advice to Niall came directly from the heart, and after telling Niall that he was super happy for him and Hailee, Justin told Niall to always trust his heart and treat Hailee as if he wanted to build a future with her. That way, there would never be any regrets if things didn’t work out.”

Hailee and Niall were spotted kissing and packing on the PDA recently on a vacation to the Bahamas. Obviously, Justin is beyond happy for the two of them. “Justin wishes the best for his buddy and Hailee, but Justin has become much more of a realist in recent months when it comes to his relationships,” our source added. “And he’s very ‘we’ll see where the wind blows’ with it all because after experiencing so many different feelings for different women, Justin doesn’t really know what the cards hold for him in terms of his love life.”

When it comes down to it, Justin is not ruling out love. “He’s taking everything as it comes,” our source added. And how did Niall take Justin’s advice? Our source went on to say, “Niall appreciated Justin’s honest opinion and vowed to stay true to himself, his music and his lady.”

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Niall and Hailee have been teasing fans with their ‘are-they-aren’t-they?’ relationship for months, and now it seems they most definitely are.

While they appeared to confirm their relationship by attending a big golf tournament together, the couple have now apparently been spotted sucking face in the middle of a bar with people actual watching and thus seemingly eliminating the question mark.

The couple are currently on a rather indulgent holiday on a super yacht in the Exuma islands in the Bahamas.

In pics snapped by excited fans, who happened to be in the bar the couple chose to drink in, Niall can be seen with his arm around Hailee and later leaning in for a kiss.

After hanging out at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club and having a few bevvies, 21-year-old Hailee was whisked back to their yacht by her boyfriend (yep we’re labelling it, even if they haven’t yet), which was moored out at sea.

One onlooker said they looked ‘really loved up’. ‘They were chatting away for ages and then Niall put his arm around Hailee’s neck and kissed her on the cheek.’

Earlier in the day they allegedly visited Pig Beach (which, as it sounds, is a beach full of actual pigs) and then continued their romantic getaway by sailing on to Nassau the next day. The couple weren’t totally alone on their trip, as golfer Justin Rose was said to have holidayed with them.

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Hailee Steinfeld has gone along to the US Masters golf tournament with Niall Horan and quite frankly that sounds like a very girlfriendy kind of thing to do. It’s his favourite sport, and is a four day event, so in our eyes that’s pretty much confirmation these two are loved up.

Rumours have swirled for a while that Niall and Hailee have been dating, but it looks like the might finally have confirmed it with this outing.

Hailee accompanied Niall to the US Masters golf tournament and reportedly stayed in the same house as him in Augusta, Georgia during the four-day event, according to Mail On Sunday.

It was previously revealed they were ‘casually’ dating, but things might have got serious if they’re now having trips away to enjoy Niall’s favourite sport together. Sounds like a pretty couply thing to do.

According to the Mail on Sunday newspaper, Hailee, 21, Niall, 24, and his professional player friend Thomas Bjorn all shared the house.

A source said recently: ‘It’s true that Hailee and Niall are dating, but at this point it’s still pretty casual.’

They have had weekends away before, reportedly taking in Las Vegas in February where they saw Backstreet Boys perform and later seeing Diplo’s DJ set. And she was spotted wearing his t-shirt at one of his gigs, like the nice, supportive girlfriend she may well be.

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The bad news: Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop’s “Capital Letters” declines on this week’s edition of the ARIA Australian Top 50 Singles Chart.

The good news: it picks up an official accreditation in the Land Down Under.

According to ARIA, “Capital Letters” has been certified gold in Australia. The award signifies at least 35,000 in Australian units.

Now in its seventh week on the ARIA chart, “Capital Letters” falls seven places to #39. Its previous position of #32 represented its peak on the listing.

“Capital Letters” appears on the soundtrack to “Fifty Shades Freed.”

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Hailee Steinfeld has continued to fan rumours that she is dating former One Direction’s Niall Horan after she posed in his tour t-shirt in a Twitter post.

There are many ways to confirm, or hint, to a romance and this is apparently one of them – it clearly has the rumour mill spinning.

The Pitch Perfect star looked the president of his fan club as she gave away the biggest hint to date the two were an item and fans were quick to celebrate the apparent occasion.

She captioned the photo “51.4613° N, 0.1156° W, which according to our geographical experts, points to Brixton, South London, where Niall performed to a sell-out crowd at the O2 Academy on Thursday night.

And one glimpse at the comments section proved the fans shipped the potential romance.

The singer is currently on a world tour for his debut solo album Flicker, while Hailee continues to work on her own music career. Rumours of their romance first started flying around when Niall posted a sweet birthday message for Haliee on Instagram this year.

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