Hailee Steinfeld, 22, and Cameron Smoller, 22, were seen together at the Billie Eilish concert last night after they broke up in 2017. Hailee attended the show wearing a strapless purple dress and let her brunette hair hang on top of her outfit. Cameron matched his ex-girlfriend with the purple theme and rocked a purple t-shirt, along with pants and white sneakers. He had a green hat on his head, as well.

The couple were first seen together in Jan. 2016, becoming official at some point within the next few months. The two split at the end of 2017, with Hailiee starting to see One Direction boybander Niall Horan, 25, soon after that. Hailee and Niall were rarely seen together, but when they were, they made no point to hide their relationship.

A source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife back in August 2018, “Niall is completely captivated by Hailee and taking things a lot more seriously than her but they are starting something fun that Niall hopes will become more serious,” a source said. “Niall is a relationship guy and wants to pursue that with Hailee exclusively, but she is taking things slower and is definitely wearing the pants in the relationship so far. He’s a bit of a puppy dog for her.”

However, the couple lasted less than a year, with a break up by fall 2018. “Hailee and Niall were going strong over the summer, but split a few months ago and have been trying to keep it low-key,” a source told E! News. “Hailee realized she had a lot on her plate and her work schedule was insanely busy.”

After Hailee and Niall broke up, the “Let Me Go” singer was seen with Cameron at a Republic Records party, according to Page Six. Hailee could be trying to get back together with her ex, or they could just be friends again, since they’ve known each other for so long.

Regardless of whether Hailee and Cameron are back together, we hope they had fun at the concert!

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  1. nicholas says:

    i love the website is more coming out soon ?

  2. Heinrich says:

    I love you so much Hailee, but I have to say that this “Afterlife” music video is SCARY and made me a little sick.

  3. Allie says:

    That’s not Cameron that is her friend Lyon Farrell this is just a rumor

  4. Hoang says:

    Thanks for Hailee!

  5. Hoang says:

    Thanks for Hailee.

  6. Hoang says:

    Thanks for Hailee.

  7. Hoang says:

    Thanks for Hailee.

  8. Hoang says:

    Thanks for Hailee.

  9. Hoang says:

    Thanks for Hailee.

  10. andries price says:

    hi hailee steinfield my name is andries price im your biggest fan i like yoou on bumblebee good news im having my transformers bumblebee birthday party of mine you are in for my birthday party so haillee what’s your favorite coloe and hailee steinfield are you will try vibation machine it will shake you very fast an hailee seinfeld are you were blue jeans i will see you at my birthday so write back

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