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Rising star Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is in talks for another big project: He’ll play the young male lead in Paramount’s Transformers spinoff Bumblebee.

Hailee Steinfeld also will star in the film which Travis Knight, who directed the stop-motion movie Kubo and the Two Strings, is helming.

Bumblebee is the yellow and black striped Autobot that appears as one of the main characters in the Transformers film series. Plot details have not been released, but Steinfeld will play a tomboy who also holds a job as a mechanic after school. Sources say the tale is a prequel to the main film series, focused on Bumblebee’s life in an earlier decade. Christina Hodson (Shut In) wrote the script.

The movie project is the first spinoff in what the studio hopes will be a Transformers Cinematic Universe that will include prequels and offshoots from a line of movies that have generated more than $3.7 billion worldwide. The most recent film, Transformers: The Last Knight, hit theaters June 23, and has earned $495.7 million worldwide so far.

Bumblebee is slated for a June 8, 2018, release.

Lendeborg Jr. is a rising star, recently nabbing roles on several notable projects. He can currently be seen in Sony and Marvel’s hit Spider-Man: Homecoming with Tom Holland. The actor, who made his feature debut starring in The Land, he also has booked roles in Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel and upcoming YA project Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda at Fox 2000.

He is repped by Mosaic, Momentum Talent Agency and Dan Fox and Steve Warren at Hansen Jacobson.

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Young pop star Hailee Steinfeld’s latest song “Most Girls” advocates equality for all types of women. The song trumps the idea of having a unique type of woman better than most. The song took the world by storm by reminding women and men alike that every woman is beautiful in her own way.

The song is all about girl power
As observed in the song’s music video and lyrics, #Hailee portrayed all different types of women and their choices in life. At the first part of the video, it showed how she immediately lost interest in a man who told her she was different than most girls. This alone proves that the song celebrates #Girl power and acceptance of all types of women.

Most girls are smart, strong and beautiful
Through the lyrics, Hailee explains that although women are different in so many ways, each one is smart, strong and beautiful. The choices a woman makes or the life she prefers does not dictate her relevance because being a woman itself means you have value. The song shows that when a woman feels like she does not fit in her own skin and tries to change it, it doesn’t make her any less of a woman. A woman is also allowed to have days when she is not confident about her own skin.

It’s okay to try to change yourself
The song also broke the notion that it’s wrong to change who you are. In fact, the lyrics mentioned that “It’s okay if you wanna change the body that you came in” and you don’t have to feel sorry for wanting to feel confident. According to a study conducted by the Daily News, one in five women actively considers surgery.

Most people would see this as a negative and interpret this as being unacceptable. However, Hailee went the opposite direction and said if you feel confident about it, then do it.

Every woman is in some ways different yet the same
In addition, the song celebrates diversity among women and the beauty of knowing that every woman is free to be who she wants to be. The song tells us that no matter the differences, each woman fights for herself every day and every type of woman has something to offer. Each woman has her own strengths and beauty and there is no single type of woman that is better or worse.

Every woman deserves to be free
All in all, the song “Most Girls” fights the right of women to be free to choose whoever she wants to be without the fear of being stereotyped. Women are not to be criticized based on their choices or in their physique but are made to be loved, accepted, and cherished. Lastly, women are made to be unique – not stuffed in a certain mold just to fit society’s acceptable version of beautiful.

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Hailee Steinfeld is no stranger to the entertainment industry… From staring in numerous movies, to releasing hit singles and even being the face of a major designer campaigns, the triple threat shows no signs of slowing down! You may see her everywhere, but here are a 5 facts about Hailee that may surprise you:

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Hailee Steinfeld is a pop culture anomaly. After scoring an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the Coen brothers’ True Grit at age 13, Hailee embarked on a dual career as a serious actress and musician who sings empowerment anthems for teenagers. In the last year, she’s danced in a faux-fur coat on the Disney Channel and earned rave reviews for playing the lead in the indie flick Edge of Seventeen.

Thirty years have passed since we’ve seen a celebrity masterfully balance prestige cinema and bubble pop, when Cher won an Oscar for her performance in Moonstruck. (Broadway veterans and cabaret crooners, like Bette Midler and Frank Sinatra, don’t count.) Now, Hailee is attempting to do the same, but at only 20 years old, it’s unclear if she can pull it off. She’s soared in art house films, but her mainstream box office appeal won’t be tested till she headlines next year’s Transformers spin-off Bumblebee.

This summer she’s focusing on timely, socially conscious music. Her new single “Most Girls” sounds designed for maximum reblogs. Lyrics include “you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen” and the video features girls in shirts emblazoned with strong, feisty, and other nasty-adjacent words. Over 37 million people have viewed the video on YouTube. Like Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm” before it, “Most Girls” has received some social media criticism for commodifying feminism. Considering she’s yet to twerk at the MTV VMAs and spark debates about cultural appropriation, “Most Girls” is far from a lethal career offense.

Hailee spoke to Broadly about the reaction to “Most Girls,” her strategy for balancing music and acting, and why she treats blockbusters as seriously as Oscar bait. This interview has been edited and condensed.

Who would you say are your musical influences?
I literally just went to a record store and saw all these [albums by] groups and artists that I grew up listening to. It’s such a wide variety from Boyz II Men to Mariah Carey to The Eagles to Michael Jackson. All of them, I [think about] when I’m making music.

How did you come up with “Most Girls”?
I worked on the song with Asia Whiteacre, [one of the writers] who wrote “Starving.” It’s so funny. This song came from the experience of having a guy compliment a girl by saying, “You’re not like most girls,” and realizing that that’s not really much of a compliment. Most girls are smart and amazing and have authority. That’s what we were acknowledging with this song.

What was the genesis for the music video concept?
It started as a bunch of different things. I knew I wanted to play the roles of the females that I talk about in the songs—a version of them that is me, of course. So I went through and started with 12 different looks and then was reminded, over and over again, that we had one day to shoot this thing, and we’d be lucky if we got three looks. I narrowed it down. There was so much that went into what looks went into the video, and even the words that went across the girl’s shirts in the video. I had such a clear vision for it.

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Refinery29’s Arianna Davis asked singer, actress, and new eyewear entrepreneur Hailee Steinfeld our top 10 questions! She has a great answer for best excuse for when she is late:

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Happy Canada Day! Some of our fave artists got together to make you this very special Canada 150 video:

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Ken speaks with Actor Hailee Steinfeld ahead of the release of Pitch Perfect 3:

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Although Steinfeld started off as an actress, she said she wanted to perform as a singer, so Pitch Perfect was the ideal platform to demonstrate her talent. She spoke to Global News Morning’s Laura Casella about auditioning for the musical franchise during a quick stop in Montreal on Tuesday:

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