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Hailee Steinfeld’s Gorgeous Braided Updo – Get Her Cute Style In 4 Steps

Hailee seriously stepped up her braid game with the help of one of our fave celeb stylists — and we’ve got the exact how to right here.

Hailee Steinfeld‘s cool braided top knot is the perfect style for prom, or just an elevated every day look. It’s actually really easy to re-create it. Get it in 4 steps below!

Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa created the look and explained how to get it to readers.
Hailee Steinfeld’s Braid & Top Knot — Get Her Braided Updo

Sarah says:

“1) To add texture to the hair before braiding, loosely curl large sections with The Beachwaver S1® and spray with Aussie’s Sprunch Spray.

2) Separate hair into three sections in the back and secure out of the way with The Beachwaver® Darby Clips. Then create a French braid going up the back and a French fishtail in the section next to it. Secure with elastics.”

“3) Create a large 2″ side section and braid in to a French fishtail by separating the hair in to two and taking a small piece from the left and sending it under to add it to the right. Then take a small piece from the right section and send it under to add to the left. Each time add hair from the root as you continue to fishtail. Secure with an elastic.”

“4) Bring all the hair in to a high ponytail. Roll hair down in to the Beachwaver® Wrap Up Bun and twist and pin the braids around the top knot!”