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March 18 – Instagram Photos

Picture 01: Thanks for letting me takeover Music Choice! ? Let’s start with a little #FBF. Here I am at a recent photo shoot…I can’t wait for you to see it! #HaileeTakeover

Picture 02: Getting camera ready for Music Choice last week! #HaileeTakeover #BNTW

Picture 03: Is it bad, that I am still dreaming about this burger I had in NY? I had a burger on an English Muffin. Goals if you ask me! ? #HaileeTakeover #BNTW

Picture 04: ?these are a few of my favorite things ? #HaileeTakeover #BNTW

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March 18 – Instagram Videos

It's Hailee, I'm taking over. #BNTW #WeirdAndItDidntNeedToBe

Видео опубликовано Music Choice (@musicchoice)

On set shenanigans with @JoeJonas @DNCE #RockBottomVideo #HaileeTakeover #BNTW

Видео опубликовано Music Choice (@musicchoice)

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