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Joe Jonas Pranks Hailee Steinfeld on the Radio Before April Fools’ Day 2016

Joe Jonas, 26, pranked the 19-year-old Pitch Perfect 2 actress and pop singer during her interview with Australian radio show Smallzy’s Surgery on Nova 96.9 FM Tuesday, three days before April Fools’ Day. Joe, whose band DNCE is featured in her new song and music video “Rock Bottom,” introduced himself to her as “Harry” and imitated an British accent while asking her questions over the phone. His first involved a rather creepy request.

“My first question is, it’s kind of weird, but can you send me some of your toenail clippings in the mail?” he asked.

“Is this for real?” she asked incredulously.

He also asked, “What was it like working with DNCE and that Joe Jonas?”

“It was really great,” Steinfeld said. “I had a wonderful time collaborating with them. I love Joe and the band. Yeah.”

Seemingly sensing something is up, she continued to say, “I think they took a lot away from it, actually. You know, Joe sings the whole second verse, which means I’m not singing it, so that kinda sucks, but whatever.”

Steinfeld also said that when the “Jonas boys,” aka Joe and his fellow former Jonas Brothers members, walk into a room, “it’s like no one else exists.”

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March 29 – Hailee Steinfeld Joins Matt and Meshel

Hailee Steinfeld is one of the biggest new names in Hollywood and her profile took off after she appeared in Pitch Perfect 2.

She joined Matt and Meshel while she was in Melbourne and spoke to them about what she wants for the future, having acted and now releasing her own music too.

When asked who she would compare or idolise herself on she said ”You know people like Justin Timberlake or Jennifer Lopez have done both and that makes me believe it’s achievable”.

As well as talking about her future goals, there was one issue that needed to be discussed and that was the 2015 prank Joe Jonas played on her for April Fools day.

She said that she spent her whole day debuffing the rumours she was pregnant and is now ”looking to step it up this year, I have to do outdo him!”.