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Hailee Steinfeld Dishes on Disney Princesses, Her Celeb Hair Inspiration and More

Radio Disney Music Awards performer Hailee Steinfeld played “ARDY Asks” rapid-fire quiz, answering questions about embarrassing moments, her Snow White costume phase, and cutting her bangs to look like her favorite singer Demi Lovato:

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Hailee Steinfeld Tells Alli Simpson She Was Jealous of Joe Jonas On Tonight’s “The Alli Simpson Show” On Radio Disney

Alli Simpson is giving us the latest scoop on Hailee Steinfeld‘s latest single “Rock Bottom feat DNCE” on an all new The Alli Simpson Show tonight on Radio Disney.

In the interview, Hailee tells Alli that she was actually “a little jealous” of Joe Jonas singing her favorite verse of “Rock Bottom,” but after she heard the final cut, she was glad Joe cut a verse on her single because it took her song to the next level.

Rock Bottom featuring DNCE’ came about a couple of months ago. Joe and I were in the studios working on our EPs at the same time with the same team and he had heard ‘Rock Bottom’ and loved it so much that he wanted to cut a verse on it..and he did. And the first time I heard it I was like man, he sings my favorite verse! I don’t know if I’m happy with this. I’m a little jealous now! (laughing) I heard the song for the first time with Joe on it and I was like ‘this is so perfect and this is so amazing’, and it works. And for me ‘Rock Bottom’ really represents what a roller coaster a relationship can be and having a male and female both on the song feels like it fully tells the story.

Alli also gets a little personal with Hailee, asking her about the negativity she faces on social media and how she deals with those negative comments.

Well I think for a long time my advice would have been to ignore it and not acknowledge it, but I think it just becomes harder and harder for anybody to do that because it is just everywhere. But you take it with a grain of salt and know that no matter who you are, where you go, or where you are from it is always going to be there and if you have that self-confidence and self-love then none of that should matter.