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Hailee Steinfeld Reveals Her *AMAZING* Food Soulmate

We love Hailee Steinfeld on Twitter for a million reasons. She always tells us when she’s working on new music in the studio, shares her amazing #OOTD’s with us and most importantly makes us LOL on a daily basis — she’s legit the most relatable celebrity in Hollywood. Every time Hailee opens her mouth, it feels like she’s speaking directly to us. Haiz recently did an *epic* Twitter Q & A with the hashtag #AskHailee and her answers are everything. The brunette babe revealed something major about herself by answering the ultimate food-related question. Here’s the super important info that we learned about Hailee.

A fan asked Hailee probably the most important question that any human being can answer. “If you could be any pizza, what pizza would you be?” the fan tweeted. The thought of describing yourself as just *one* type of pizza is SO OVERWHELMING. All slices are amazing in their own way. But Hailee grabbed the question by the crust and totally slayed her answer.

Leave it to Haiz to think of an answer that transcends your typical sauce-and-cheese slice. “There’s a restaurant in LA called Craig’s that has a chocolate pizza on their menu. If I could be any pizza, I would be the chocolate pizza at Craig’s.” Hailee spilled. The singer then brought up a super important point. “But, I don’t know how long I’d last, which is sad to think about. But that’s what I’d be.” This is a totally valid statement considering if we were lucky enough to get our hands on a *chocolate pizza* we’d demolish it within 0.389 seconds.

This answer is classic Haiz — the babe is addicted to chocolate! Her love for cocoa is so strong, that she even sacrificed her Met Gala mani for a box of chocolates. It’s official — Hailee Steinfeld is our celebrity soul sister.

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Met Gala exclusive: we chat with Hailee Steinfeld about her H&M look

Who dressed Hailee Steinfeld for one of the hottest fashion events of the year? None other than our fave Swedish fast fashion retailer – H&M! We asked the gorgeous actress/singer all about the glam look she rocked at last night’s Met Gala.

What do you like most about your look for the Met?
It’s a silhouette that enforces confidence and femininity.

How does it reflect your personal style?
I personally gravitate towards styles that give me a strong sense of self, but in an effortless way. I like to explore various designers and fabrics and play with colours and textures. I’ve evolved as a person and I would say my fashion sense has evolved as well.

What was the design process with H&M like?
It was a collaborative effort that began with some sketches, followed by some modifications and enhancements. Then, we had the first fitting together and we shared ideas about how to refine certain aspects of the dress. The final fitting was last night. It was a fun process and H&M was a gracious partner.

What makes the Met Gala so special?
It’s an event I have been going to for six years now, and the excitement has never wavered. It’s a night to take fashion risks and to celebrate icons and art. There’s no other event quite like it.

What did you think of this year’s theme? (Manus x Machina – Fashion in an Age of Technology)
It seems so appropriate in this new era of fashion and commerce. The days of needle and thread fashion are over it seems, but the authenticity and creativity behind the design has only broadened. It’s an interesting dynamic.

How would you describe your red carpet style in general?
I would describe my red carpet fashion as colourful and expressive. I like the combination of the two.

What’s your best style advice for the perfect red carpet look?
Just do “you”. If you’re forcing a look or style that feels compromising, then find something else to wear.