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Hailee Steinfeld To Perform ‘Rock Bottom’ Featuring Shawn Hook At The iHeartRadio MMVAs!

If one pop star performing their hit song is great, being joined onstage by another pop star is even greater! Just announced, the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs will debut a first-time performance from Hailee Steinfeld featuring Shawn Hook on her hit track “Rock Bottom.”

Both Steinfeld and Hook appeared at the 2015 MMVAs as presenters and wowed fans with their red carpet looks. Now the two performers are teaming up for an exclusive performance of “Rock Bottom” that will definitely get the party started!

The Academy Award nominated actress first showed off her musical talent in the films Begin Again and Pitch Perfect 2. In 2015, Steinfeld officially became a double threat when she released her debut album Haiz, which featured her break out self-empowerment anthem “Love Myself” as well as “Rock Bottom.”

Hailee Steinfeld featuring Shawn Hook are the latest performers to join the already incredible line up for the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs, which includes Nick Jonas, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Alessia Cara! Also just announced today are performers Tegan and Sara and Fifth Harmony, as well as first time presenters Amber Rose and Superwoman herself, Lilly Singh!

Watch the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs hosted by Gigi Hadid on Sunday, June 19!

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Hailee Steinfeld on Beyoncé, Gucci and proving herself as a pop star

Could you imagine being 13 years old and getting nominated for an Oscar? Actress Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t have to. After her tour-de-force performance in 2010’s True Grit, the California native was embraced by Hollywood greatest in a way that has since been unprecedented. Instant fame followed and so did a few famous friends such as Taylor Swift—who insisted Steinfeld, be cast in her all-star “Bad Blood” video. Now, at 19, its clear as day that Steinfeld wants to be known as more than a mere Swift squad-ette in the music scene as her recently released EP, Haiz, proves. It includes the hit, “Love Myself,” a song that’s been able to crack the Billboard charts, as well as a duet with Joe Jonas’ DNCE group, on her latest single, “Rock Bottom”. During a recent trip to Toronto, Steinfeld—who will be performing at the IHEARTMUSIC Much Music Video Awards this year—opened up on proving herself as singer, actress, fashion lover and music fan.

What was the biggest shock to the system going from making movies to making music?
It’s so fast paced in music. With movies, it can take years. You get into pre-production and then you shoot the film and you hope that people see afterwards—if it even gets distributed! I’m also realizing the struggle of trying to make a relationship with anyone work when I’m on the road. It’s so crazy, you always feeling like you are filling people in. In term of being committed to someone, that seems so difficult but I believe you can do anything if you work hard at it.

When you perform a song like “Rock Bottom,” whom exactly are you thinking about?
So many people! The song came into my life when I was in a situation that so perfectly articulates. The song captures the complication and the roller coaster [feeling] you have when you are going through a relationship that’s complicated. I’ve had people come up to me and talk about how similar their situation was to mine. I love that it’s been able to get them through something that they are dealing with.

What advice would you give to someone who is living through a “Rock Bottom” moment?
Remember who you are when you are in a relationship. You were someone before someone came along and you fell in love with them. That person that you were—before you fell in love—should exist. That’s where “Love Myself” comes in nicely. Hang on to that person that you know that you are…nobody who comes into your life. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld on Beyoncé, Gucci and proving herself as a pop star”