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‘Pitch Perfect 3’: Everything to Know About the Third Musical Movie

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld are all signed on for the Elizabeth Banks-directed acapella comedy.

Moviegoers were still singing the tunes from Pitch Perfect 2 when Universal and Golden Circle announced Pitch Perfect 3 last summer.

Given the sequel’s massive box-office success, it’s to little surprise that the studio behind the film (that now holds the record for the highest grossing musical-comedy) waited only a month after Pitch 2’s release to line up the next installment in its acapella franchise.

With Pitch 2 still in theaters, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that screenwriter Kay Cannon and stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson were already onboard for a Pitch 3 and Kendrick took to social media to officially anounce the news quckly after. It didn’t take long before news trickled in that Elizabeth Banks would return to the director’s chair, followed by more casting confirmations that newcomer Hailee Steinfeld and alum Brittany Snow would also be back. But that’s where details on Barden Bellas 3.0 stopped.

Plot details surrounding the third film are being kept under wraps, likely because they are still being developed. Several of the castmembers yet to sign on have spoken out about how they are waiting for a phone call to return once the details are indeed locked and loaded.

“This process is such a long one and I’ve been through it before between the first and second movies,” Astin also recently said. “If the script was written and they knew what my role was completely and they were deciding to not let me in on it, that would be strange. But I know that’s it’s so in flux on a daily basis that they probably want to keep us out of it for our own best interest and we really understand that.”

With three years lapsing on-screen between the first two films, Beca, Fat Amy and three-time super senior Chloe were all presumably in their last year of college in the sequel, with Steinfeld’s Emily coming in as the lone freshman Bella. Until more details are released, it’s unclear what roles the graduates will have when they return and whether or not Steinfeld will get star billing.