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Hailee Steinfeld & Grey – STARVING feat. ZEDD (Official Audio)

They had been teasing it for a while on social media but here finally is in its full and high-quality version.

“Starving” is the first collaboration between Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd.

The track, which is believed to be the lead single from Hailee’s upcmoming much-anticipated full-length debut album (last year she dropped the “Haiz” EP – featuring the female masturbation anthem “Love Myself”), was released digitally everywhere today, July 15th, via Republic Records.

How to describe “Starving”? Think of it as a more upbeat, more EDM-infused version of Rihanna’s “Take A Bow”. Yeah, that’s it. Actually Hailee sounds a bit like Rihanna in “Starving”. Don’t you think? The first thing I thought when I heard the verses of her new single was: “Wow, she sounds like Rihanna in this, and the verses’ melody reminds me of “Take A Bow” a bit. It’s the same vulnerability.”.

“Starving” is not a club banger, it’s more nostalgic and romantic, but each chorus boasts a Zedd-made EDM drop that is clearly targeting the club audiences. No doubt killer remixes can be made with this song.

“I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you”, sings Hailee in the chorus. Yep, somebody has found love!

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First Look: Hailee Steinfeld In ‘Edge Of Seventeen’

Though she most recently stole our hearts as a college a cappella champ in Pitch Perfect 2, Hailee Steinfeld is heading back to high school for her latest film.

On Thursday, People debuted the first trailer for The Edge of Seventeen, in which Hailee plays a teen with a laundry list of devastating (at least, by high school standards) problems. How does her life suck so? Let us count the ways: Her supposed BFF (Haley Lu Richardson) is hooking up with her annoyingly perfect brother (Glee’s Blake Jenner); she accidentally sends embarrassingly graphic texts to her crush; her only confidante is her apathetic history teacher (Woody Harrelson); and her mom (Kyra Sedgwick) is hopelessly clueless about all of this ~drama~.

Check out the full trailer below, which is surprisingly not soundtracked by Stevie Nicks’s “Edge of Seventeen,” but by an acoustic cover of the Beatles’s “Help.” What a missed opportunity.

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July 12-15 – Instagram Photos

Picture 01: First show down, 28 to go! Thank you so much to @aakomon @amylilfire and @haileesteinfeld for this amazing opportunity! #untouchabletour #haileesteinfeld #kaleykakes #blocishot

Picture 02: H A I Z first show down
#untouchabletour thank you @aakomon and @amylilfire ??

Picture 03: My view….tour prep
Catch Hailee and Team Haiz
@kaley_hatfield @dianamatos @tacir.r @jayylutz
Love you ladies!!! Have a great tour!!!

Picture 04: @amylilfire @aakomon ??
Styled by @fresh2impress