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Hailee Steinfeld, Grey – Starving (Lyric Video) ft. Zedd

Hailee Steinfeld just released the lyric video for her infectious jam “Starving” featuring Zedd and Grey.

The visual boasts a compilation of clips from Steinfeld’s shows, fun choreography with her back-up dancers and shots of different fans singing the number. So, as far as lyric videos go, it’s pretty adorable:

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August 28 – 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in New York

On Sunday at the MTV VMAs, Hailee Steinfeld absolutely slayed the competition with a colorful Balmain mini dress! The Starving singer’s outfit was truly the best of both worlds: sexy and stylish, yet age appropriate and true to herself.

The actress added additional color by rocking pale blue nail polish on her fingers and toes. Hailee wore her brunette tresses wavy with several strands pinned back on the top of her head. The teen sported matte nude lip liner with brown eye shadow and rosy blush on her cheeks.

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August 27 – Cotton Inc “Find Your Favorite” event at Glendale Galleria in California

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Hailee Steinfeld talks bad haircuts and coming of age in The Edge of Seventeen

“With Woody and I, we had such a great witty banter, just the two of us,” Steinfeld says, laughing. “There’s got to be at least 20 minutes of blooper material of us just breaking. He really is one of the coolest human beings I’ve ever met.”

The Edge of Seventeen (out Nov. 18) finds the 19-year-old Steinfeld in the halls of high school, marking a bit of a departure after hunting down her father’s murderer in True Grit, tackling fierce a capella rivalries in Pitch Perfect 2, and topping the charts with her own pop music career.

Ahead of The Edge of Seventeen’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, we talked to Steinfeld about tackling Craig’s complicated heroine and her own cringe-worthy memories from childhood.

So what was it about Nadine’s story that really hooked you and made you want to be a part of this?
It was the idea that even though I didn’t go to a physical high school — I was homeschooled — I still experienced and have experienced and am experiencing so much of what this character is going through. I think sometimes, I’ve been in situations before where either people my age or people a few years older than me will think that I’ve bypassed all of the high school drama, just because I wasn’t in it. And that’s so untrue. I’ve experienced so many things, just in a different world or on a different level, and I’ve realized that there are things that people experience regardless of who they are or where they’re from or what school they went to, if they went to school. It’s just growing up, and it’s being a teenager, and it’s finding your place in this world. And to be able to express so much of what I’ve gone through, that people thought I hadn’t, through this character, that was what really hooked me.

There’s something so universal about coming-of-age stories. Was there anything specific about Nadine’s story that you really connected with or related to?
I remember there was one party scene, where I walk in, and my brother and my best friend are hitting it off with people, and they’re having a great time. And I’m not having a bad time; I’m just feeling a little awkward and trying to talk myself into not feeling awkward. But for whatever reason, something’s holding me back. And I’ve had so many of those moments, where they’ve taken place on a movie set where everybody kind of has their niche and they’ve found their groove, and I’m like, I don’t know how to make myself not look awkward right now. Because I feel very uncomfortable. I’ve had them at high school parties. I mean, I was in school up until the sixth grade, and I even had them then. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld talks bad haircuts and coming of age in The Edge of Seventeen”