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Hailee Steinfeld Fangirled Out When She Met Tom Ford

Hailee Steinfeld is one busy 19-year-old. She’s currently on tour with Meghan Trainor, but on Friday morning, she took some time to attend a preview of Swarovski’s new signature Crystaldust collection. The singer-actress came dressed to the theme of the affair, rocking a black sparkly Julien Macdonald jumpsuit, the perfect pairing for the black-and-gray Swarovski Crystaldust bangles she accessorized with. Steinfeld may have been gussied up in designer duds, but much like the rest of us, she also has an obsession with a certain Spanish fast-fashion retailer. “I’m a huge Zara fan. Every stop on the road, I find myself in a Zara, getting something that has me like ‘I can wear this anywhere — possibly onstage as well!’”

But today was all about Swarovski, a company that Steinfeld says she is extremely close to. “I met the Swarovski family when I shot my second film, Romeo and Juliet. They were huge supporters of that film and they helped create the pieces for the film along with the costume designer,” she said. “I met the team, the family, rather, back then, and now I’m back with them here during New York Fashion Week for the launch of the Crystaldust bracelet, which I’m very excited about. ”

These days, it seems like Steinfeld has a lot to be excited about. By the time we chatted, her Fashion Week had already been a memorable experience, thanks to Tom Ford, whose show she attended on Wednesday. Steinfeld got a chance to actually meet the designer backstage after the show, which for her was an “unbelievable” highlight. “I’d just seen the show, so I was high off of the show and the pieces themselves. My level of appreciation for designers and for the amount of work that goes into a show that lasts just minutes is through the roof,” she gushed. “To have met him in general was mind-blowing, and I’m still just getting over it, but directly after the show, he was just so incredible. He was so kind and amazing, and I’m excited to see his film, and I was able to tell him that.” Ford’s fashion show was a celebrity-studded affair indeed, so much so that even a star like Steinfeld couldn’t help but feel a little starstruck at times. “I was at a table with Naomi Campbell, and I was like, ‘This can’t be real!’ She was, like, across from me and I kept making eye contact with her — it was so crazy!” Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld Fangirled Out When She Met Tom Ford”

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