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‘It’s so much fun!’ Hailee Steinfeld reveals Taylor Swift’s squad has a WhatsApp group

Hailee Steinfeld discussed the perks of being in Taylor Swift’s selective squad while visiting BBC Radio One Studios in London on Wednesday.

The 19-year-old Oscar nominee revealed that the 26-year-old pop diva’s powerful posse communicates through their very own WhatsApp group.

‘We try to [speak a lot]. It’s so crazy being all over the world at the same time and rarely being in the same place at the same time. But it’s so much fun to stay in contact and find each other along the way and all get caught up,’ the Starving songstress said on BBC Radio1 Breakfast.

‘When we are all together it feels like a big reunion, and it normally happens to be when we are all dressed up and look a lot nice than we normally do so it looks a lot cooler than it is.’

She went on to explain the importance of having friends in the spotlight: “Its nice to have people that get what it is that you’re doing. I went though a period of time where my friends didn’t understand that what I was doing was more important than calling them back. So it’s nice to have someone that understands and do the same thing that you’re doing.”

Last year, Hailee played The Trinity suiting Swift up in her star-studded, action-packed, Grammy-winning Bad Blood music video.

“It was so much fun and so cool to be a part of. It was weird because it went from an idea that Taylor wrote and said ‘I have this idea call me.’ And I was like ‘Yo, whats up? I’m in the middle of dinner…’ and she was like ‘I’m making this music video…’ and I was like, ‘Okay, whatever it is, I’m in!’ We were on set and it felt like a day where we were just all hanging out,” Hailee said.

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Hailee Steinfeld: The portrayal of women on screen is improving

Film star Hailee Steinfeld has said there has been a shift in the portrayal of women on screen, with characters who drive the plot becoming easier to find. “Female characters are beginning to have more of a say in the meaning of the film,” she told the BBC. “They’re not just a love interest or a sidekick or a best friend.”

The actress first came to prominence at the age of 13 with an Oscar-nominated performance in the Coen brothers’ film True Grit. Since then, she has starred in the female-fronted comedy Pitch Perfect 2, while her latest film, coming-of-age drama Edge of Seventeen, closed the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews.

Now 19, she said she had noticed a shift in the roles she was being offered as she grew older. “It feels like these female characters are more empowering and they’re more meaningful and they have important things to say that need to be heard. “For me, anyway, it’s a movement that’s been happening for a while and I’m lucky to be a part of it.” Her comments come shortly after actress Emily Blunt talked about a lack of strong female roles in Hollywood.

“There’s such a shortage that when they do arise there’s a bit of a feeding frenzy among my peers,” she told Vogue. The star, whose latest film is an adaptation of the novel Girl On The Train, said women needed to take matters into their own hands. “I would prefer that we actually go in a direction of producing and creating more jobs for women in the film industry as opposed to talking about it.”

Steinfeld is in the UK to promote her parallel career in pop – which she launched last year with the single Love Myself. Her current single, Starving, has just entered the US top 30 and is a major hit on streaming services – with 15 million plays on Spotify last week alone.

“I’m taken by surprise by how well it’s doing,” she told the BBC. “You can only hope when you go to sleep the night before you release a song that it will do this well. I’m completely overwhelmed by the response.”

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6 Reasons To Fangirl Over Hailee Steinfeld

Happy Tuesday, Popmaniacs! This week’s Tuesday Museday is Hailee Steinfeld. Not only is Haiz a killer singer and actress, she’s also a total sweetheart. This brunette bombshell is empowering on and off screen. We could seriously go on and on (and on and on) about all of the reasons why we love her. But today, we’ve narrowed it down to our top six reasons. Here’s why we’re fangirling hard over Hailee.

She is gorgeous inside and out. This babe is incredibly drop dead gorgeous. She doesn’t even have to try — whether she gets fully glammed up or rocks a #NoMakeupSelfie. Her looks def aren’t the only thing we’re in love with, she is one of the sweetest humans ever as well. Talk about the whole package!

Hailee was nominated for an Oscar. #Causal — this girl was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in her role in True Grit when she was ONLY nine-years-old. What a #BOSS.

Her voice is one of the most amazing sounds we have EVER heard. Haiz has been putting out a ton of new music recently and we can’t get enough! Her latest song with Zedd has been on repeat in our office nonstop.

Her tweets basically describe us. This girl’s tweets are so relatable, we literally feel like she’s reading our mind with every post. We found a perf tweet that had us LOLing. “Cereal is life,” well doesn’t get more relatable than that. The cereal loving hottie has just spoken to all of our souls.

We need all of her clothes….like now. This babe slays in any outfit — all the time. We want — no wait — we NEED her whole closet! Who else could possibly pull off a vibrant 70’s jumpsuit like this babe?!

This girls Insta game is on point. No matter if it’s a cute selfie or something totally aesthetically pleasing this girl knows exactly what it takes to make all her posts mesh perfectly together. Need some cute Insta tips? Def stalk Hailee!