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ASOS meets Hailee Steinfeld

Did you know that multi-talented Hollywood actress – star of True Grit and Pitch Perfect – and one-time ASOS magazine cover star, Hailee Steinfeld, sings pop bangers alongside her mega movie roles? Well she does! We caught up with her in London to chat tour outfits, beauty tips and new-season shopping…

As well as your single Starving, you’ve got a film coming out called The Edge of Seventeen. Are you planning to continue both careers?
Yes I am! I love doing both so much – so long as I can manage to fit them both around each other, I will.

Who are your acting and singing role models?
There’s quite a few… Jennifer Hudson has done an amazing job. Justin Timberlake, too, as he’s in movies and puts out records. And Jamie Foxx.

What’s your favourite thing to wear when you perform?
I’ve just been on Meghan Trainor’s Untouchable tour and I enjoyed playing around wearing something different in every city, not feeling too stuck on one thing. I was trying to find out what I was most comfortable in on stage. I love anything that gives you a great silhouette. And I love any kind of movement, whether that’s something tied around your waist or a jacket that moves well with choreography.

How would you describe your everyday style?
I would like to be someone who plans their outfits! If I have an event coming up, I’ll think about it in advance – but then on the day, none of what I planned comes together so I end up being spontaneous. For the most part, I’m in my closet 20 minutes before I have to leave just ripping through clothes. I like to be comfortable and do something simple. But lately I’ve been playing around a lot more with accessories and having a lot more fun with it.

What have you bought recently?
I went on a little shopping spree before I went on tour, and also my mom who came with me on tour made some jackets for me, which was amazing. She was putting crystals on shirts, jackets and pants and everything! Continue reading “ASOS meets Hailee Steinfeld”