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A Chat with America’s Newest Movie Starlet, Rocker Woman: Hailee Steinfeld

Steinfeld said “The Edge of Seventeen” struck her as a film that connects to modern-day teenagers’ struggles in an unprecedented fashion.

“I don’t really feel like our generation has had that movie where we can watch it and feel like we are not alone… [where] we can watch these characters and we can feel like, “That is me,” Steinfeld said. “With this movie, I remember reading the script and feeling like I have experienced so much of what this character has gone through, and I have in no way ever been able to express it, and I think my nervousness came from doing the story justice and making this film so that people can watch it and see themselves in it.”

In light of the story’s relatability for today’s teenagers, Steinfeld stressed the relevance of social media in the film.

“I think [film’s inclusion of social media] talks about how we try and find that validation through a number of followers or a number of likes, and we forget … why we posted the photo in the first place,” she said. “I mean, the social media aspect in this film is so real — it’s not overdone, it’s not the center of the movie — but, like, it’s an honest telling of being a teenager and growing up.”

While reminiscing on shooting the film, the star shared her thoughts on working with Woody Harrelson. Steinfeld said their distinctive relationship is reflected onscreen.

“I think we personally found this timing and this banter that we had and were able to sort of bring to the screen,” Steinfeld said. “And I think our dialogue that was written by the amazing Kelly Fremon Craig was so well-written that … you just don’t have to do very much.”

Steinfeld said the script’s strength was due in part to Craig’s realistic vision for the film, which gave the actress some freedom during filming. Continue reading “A Chat with America’s Newest Movie Starlet, Rocker Woman: Hailee Steinfeld”