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Hailee Steinfeld, Lily Collins Describe Their Lives in Three Words

Hailee Steinfeld and Lily Collins were both nominated for their first Golden Globe award this year, but that’s not the only thing they have in common: They both work with power styling duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn (No. 7 on The Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists list this year).

During a game of “Fishing for Answers” with The Hollywood Reporter, the quartet were asked to describe their lives right now in three words. “Honored” is a common word shared between the four.

In addition to being “honored,” Collins adds, “Honest, because I’m at a point in my life where I’m just putting everything out there and just being very raw and honest about myself. And spontaneous, because I’m living in the yes.”

Steinfeld shares a similar sentiment. “I really have to agree with honored,” says the “Starving” singer. “Insane, honestly, this last year of my life has been complete madness with diving into the whole music world and really sort of finding my identity in that world and having you two [Zangardi and Haenn] help me with that because that was a massive challenge.”

Lastly, she shares, “I’m going to say thankful to be in this world that I get to do what I love every single day.”

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Hailee Steinfeld Will Defend Flip-Flops to the Death

She may only be 20 years old, but Hailee Steinfeld already has an Oscar nomination (for her breakout role in 2010’s True Grit), a Golden Globe nod (for last year’s Edge of Seventeen), and a pair of platinum pop singles (“Love Myself” and “Starving”) under her belt. Add to that her key role in the lucrative Pitch Perfect franchise — the third flick hits theaters this December — and it’s a wonder the born-and-bred California girl has any time to just, well, chill.

Luckily, her new role as an ambassador for the sandal brand Reef is giving her a chance to kick off her heels and slip into something a little more comfortable. Below, Steinfeld defends fashion’s most divisive footwear style, discusses how her music influences her style, and waxes poetic about the good old-fashioned American shopping mall.

So Hailee, we talk about flip-flops a lot at Racked. And I hate to say it, but a lot of folks don’t care for them. Why are you such a fan?
Honestly, they’re just without a doubt the most comfortable shoe. I’m currently in Atlanta making Pitch Perfect 3, and I think I’ve got about four pairs in my trailer at the moment, plus another pair in the pocket of my set chair. When I’m going to and from hair and makeup, they’re all I wear.

I feel like my connection to them stems from growing up in California — and Reef has always been my go-to, I’ve known the brand for as long as I can remember. In my house, we keep this big pile of shoes at the bottom of the staircase, right by our front door. There are always a bunch of flip-flops in there, and they’re always the ones I reach for when I’m running out of the house.

I’ve noticed that your style shifts depending on whether you’re promoting your movies or your music; you’ll wear fishnets and crop tops for performances, but go super-feminine and almost demure for certain red carpets.
Yes! That’s a very conscious decision, and there’s a lot of freedom in being able to discover what I’m most comfortable in when it comes to both spaces. I’m having a lot of fun with it. But yeah, being onstage is very different from walking the red carpet at a movie premiere in some beautiful, amazing creation.

I feel like my stage attire is an amplified version of my personal style. It’s fun to go that extra mile. With [my costumes], the music itself 100 percent dictates what the vibe and the look is — and that’s changing! And with that, the wardrobe will change.

Sounds like we can expect some new music from you soon… ?
Very, very soon! I’m so incredibly excited to release what I’ve been working on for so long. And yes, the crazy thing about it is that it’s constantly evolving; just when I think it’s ready and I have it, I find something I want to change. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld Will Defend Flip-Flops to the Death”