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Hailee Steinfeld Reveals the Footwear She Keeps Right by the Door

As the new brand ambassador for Reef, Hailee Steinfeld is currently starring in the brand’s spring ads, with another campaign set to launch in early summer.

FN got an early look at the new campaign, which features Steinfeld in ripped jeans, a pop-art-print jacket and the new tortoise-shell flip-flops launching this fall as part of the Reef Escape collection.

Recently, FN chatted with Steinfeld about partnering with Reef and how she puts together those great looks for her red-carpet and onscreen appearances.

What made you want to work with Reef?
One thing I find super-important when it comes to any collaboration is having a personal connection. Being born and raised in California, I grew up wearing the sandals, and as long as I can remember, multiple pairs have been at the bottom of the staircase, right by the door.

How would you describe your personal style?
It’s evolving, and I feel like it will continue to do that forever. Especially in the past two years or so, I’ve been getting into the music world and finding my identity in the music space versus being on a red carpet. For my own very personal style, I like to keep it comfortable and simple.

What’s it like collaborating with your stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haemm?
I’d been a huge fan of them for a very long time. We’ve been working together for a little while now, and they helped me find my confidence in the music space and the red-carpet space, and how I can make it seem like they’re not two completely different things but they do have a separation. I trust them a lot.

How do you put together your red-carpet outfits?
It’s based on how you feel in it. I love taking risks. I love that fashion has become such a huge part of my world. [With Rob and Mariel], I don’t have to say anything to them because they’re so amazing at what they do. I’ve been on the road a lot lately, so it’s been hard, but we’ve sent each other references. And our conversations are sometimes based around certain designers or shows that are happening and collections that we love.

Out of all the characters you’ve played, whose style did you connect with the most?
For my movie “The Edge of Seventeen,” I was very involved in the wardrobe. It was very hard to find her because here we have a character who was verbally called out in the movie for having a bad style. So we wanted her look to be quirky and different but still aspirational, where anyone could look at her and say, “I don’t see what’s wrong with what she’s wearing; it’s who she is.” It’s fun to go that extra mile and make a conscious decision to wear shoes that had dogs on them with socks that had cats on them. I wouldn’t necessarily wear an outfit the way she wore it, but I admire her ability to not care what anyone thinks. I relate to that.