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Hailee Steinfeld Had To Wear A Wig For Her Last Role – & It Was A LOT To Take

Hailee Steinfeld is not your average 20-year-old. She’s starring in the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3, was nominated for a Golden Globe this year, is the newest face of athletic clothing brand MISSION (co-founded by the Serena Williams), and has some of the best pipes we’ve ever heard (that cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” is untouchable). On top of her outstanding talents, Steinfeld is a beauty inspiration to her legions of fans.

If there’s a trend, she’s most likely already on it — without even knowing. Just scroll through her Instagram and your beauty bank will be heavily fed and stuffed with smoky eyes, “upside down” makeup, and two-toned looks like you wouldn’t believe. And while she may be younger than most of us, we couldn’t wait to pick her brain on her glam squad tips, summer beauty necessities, and that hair in The Edge of Seventeen.

If you had to run to Sephora right now and pick up three products, what would it be?
“I always need a new Beautyblender. I love using those. Some good highlighter and foundation. When it comes to Sephora I’m always trying to get new things because there are so many options.”

You just got back from Coachella, what was the one product you absolutely needed to survive this weekend?
“A face mist, like a rose water. Those are key. With the heat and the dust, it’s nice to have that on-hand just to feel refreshed.”

How has athleisure, like MISSION, worked its way into your everyday life and routine?
“I do a lot of working out and dancing, especially with performing and touring. Mission has worked its way into my life in that way, pretty much full-time. They have a cool mechanism built in that comes in handy when you’ve been dancing in an eight-hour rehearsal and you’re hot and uncomfortable. I love that the brand is stylish, cool, and that the color schemes are amazing.”

You’re busy and in front of the camera nonstop, what advice would you give someone your age looking to find the confidence you always radiate?
“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Find what it is that makes you happy. Find your light. Find something that you love and that you’re good at and that makes you feel great. I think oftentimes that’s where I feel most beautiful and most confident — when I’m doing something I love and feel comfortable doing.”

Everyone seems to be cutting their hair lately, would you ever consider chopping your signature look?
“I would and I have. It’s funny because I’ve actually never colored my hair and I’ve had this conversation multiple times where I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I want to start coloring it. I don’t know if I want to chop it off, but I do want something different.’ I don’t know what that is, it doesn’t leave me with many options. So yeah, I’m down…I think I’ll do it definitely soon, too.” Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld Had To Wear A Wig For Her Last Role – & It Was A LOT To Take”