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Hailee Steinfeld gave us the best advice on fitness, bullying, and being a badass

At age 14, Hailee Steinfeld starred opposite Jeff Bridges (*the* Dude) in True Grit, which led to her being nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. When she was 15, Hailee took on the iconic role as Juliet, and all the pressure that comes with it, while remaking Romeo and Juliet. Two years later, the actress joined the Pitch Perfect franchise and also snagged a role in the music video seen ’round the world: Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” Just last year, Hailee was nominated for the Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical Golden Globe, for her work in The Edge of Seventeen.

Hailee Steinfeld is now 20 years old. You’ve likely heard her voice on the radio, have seen her chameleon-like acting abilities in theaters, and have also witnessed her kill it on the red carpet. Adding to her already impressive resume, Hailee is now the face of MISSION’s female athletic apparel. To celebrate this news, I was invited to interview Hailee before joining her in a workout class run by Amy Allen, her choreographer.

Despite all her accomplishments, Hailee reminded me of those I consider to be close friends. Though I was interviewing her, it didn’t feel that way. It instead felt as if I was having a conversation with someone who genuinely wanted to connect. Hailee brought to mind friends who truly believe in the power of what they have to say.

What made you want to partner with MISSION?
Oh my goodness, where do I begin? I was introduced to MISSION’s cooling towels backstage at a show forever ago. Then, I heard recently that they were working on workout apparel for women, and I was super excited about it. I tried a few pieces and loved them, and that’s where it started.

Aside from athletic apparel, what are some other things you want to have by your side when you’re working out
A great playlist, some water, and a cooling towel.

What’s on your workout playlist right now?
I actually listened to today’s Top Hits on Spotify. That’s kind of my go-to. I don’t have a specific [soundtrack], I’m always changing it. Especially if I am doing the same workout, I don’t like to listen to the same music. I like to spice it up a little bit. I don’t really have anything specific, but any Bruno Mars, or Beyoncé, Eminem-type — that’s sort of the workout [music I listen to].

Do you have any drugstore beauty products you can’t live without?
I feel like, whenever I forget something, I’ll run into a drugstore and I’ll pick up either a great waterproof mascara; there are surprisingly some decent brushes, like beauty blender sponges, which I love; and I’m a sucker for any of those facial mists. Anywhere I can pick those up, I’m good.

I read that you were bullied when you were in school. If you could go back to this time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?
Funny enough, what I think all our parents tell us. It will pass and it’s a moment in time, and soon you will look back on it and think, “How and why was I upset about something like this?” It’s so funny because no matter how old you are, or where you’re from, or what you do, or where you are — whether it’s at school, or at work, or at the bus station — it’s kind of always gonna happen. Everywhere and whenever. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld gave us the best advice on fitness, bullying, and being a badass”

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Hailee Steinfeld talks staying fit even when you really hate the gym: ‘I dread the treadmill’

ailee Steinfeld is the youngest Oscar nominee of this century. Two of her three singles have gone platinum, and last week she gave an impromptu performance at Coachella. But you wouldn’t know any of that just by talking to her.

“I live at home with my parents,” she told AOL Entertainment. “I wake up, clean my room, do the dishes, take my dogs out … I really don’t feel like I’m different at all. I love that my job allows me to interact with [fans] and sort of let them know that there’s really not much of a difference between us.”

In fact, the down-to-earth star, 20, is no stranger to an “exercise” habit you’re probably guilty of yourself: Dressing in a cute athletic outfit and then never actually making it to the gym. “I love workout clothes. I’ll get up in the morning and put them on with the intention of going for a walk, just getting out and being active,” she said. “Hours will go by and I’ll look at myself in the mirror and be like, ‘Wow. I just chill in these. I don’t do anything.'”

That habit’s changing, though, thanks to her partnership with MISSION, which just launched a new line of scientifically-engineered athleticwear that keeps you cool and comfortable even during rough workouts.

“I dread the treadmill,” the “Edge of Seventeen” star admitted, adding that she much prefers outdoor exercise or dancing. “But I really do find that finding the right outfit that makes you feel great and look great — that puts me in the mood to get active.”

While her fit physique makes for gorgeous red carpet photos, Steinfeld emphasized the larger importance of what her body can actually do: “Even on days when I wake up and feel a little under the weather, my body allows me to get out and enjoy life and this world we live in,” she said. “There’s so much beauty in everyone’s strength.”

It’s a message she hopes her teenage fans will take to heart, especially those who enviously scroll through her Instagram.

“There are times when I get to post pictures — I never in a million years thought I’d be on a helicopter with my friends going from one city to another. That stuff is so crazy,” the “Starving” singer said. “I feel so fortunate to even be able to do that and share that with people.”

And no matter how wild the Hollywood experience seems, her family is always along for the ride. “They are everything,” Steinfeld said of her parents. “I trust their opinions, I trust them implicitly. I have an older brother who’s my best friend. They’re my number one.”