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The Weird Move Hailee Steinfeld Does to Stay Fit While Traveling

Hailee Steinfeld has been in full go-mode of late: She just wrapped Pitch Perfect 3; her collab with Machine Gun Kelly, “At My Best,” debuted last month and went on to tear up the charts; and she has upcoming shows in California, Nevada, and Illinois, sharing the stage with people like Niall Horan, the Backstreet Boys, DNCE, Halsey, Noah Cyrus, Post Malone, and others. In a word (or three): She’s killing it—and the 20-year-old isn’t about to slow down her workout game when she’s on the road.

Speaking from a dance studio in L.A. before a rehearsal for those upcoming shows, the actress, singer, and newest face of athletic clothing brand MISSION revealed how she stays fit regardless of whether there’s a gym anywhere in the near vicinity.

“I’ve gotten it down to making it work in a hotel room when that’s all I have access to,” Steinfeld said. “I like to travel with a [resistance] band and a jump rope—a few pieces of equipment I can use and travel with. They’re lightweight and I can use them anywhere.”

But even without any of her own props, Steinfeld still knows how to get a sweat on. “A pullover movement with a stack of books” is her go-to move in a hotel room, she said. “Lay flat on the ground with your legs flat on the ground—I tend to cross my ankles—and lift the books over your head.” She likes to lift and lower the books in a “consistent movement” 10-15 times reps as part of a hotel room circuit.

Steinfeld said she’s been living in her MISSION pieces of late, especially their sports bra, jogger pants, and high-waisted leggings. “The color schemes really are amazing,” she said. She’s been wearing her new duds while she dances, runs, rides her bike, and does other exercise.

“I spend a lot of my time dancing, so that’s definitely my workout of choice,” she said. “I love beach runs, riding my bike around the neighborhood. Something as small as walking around in my backyard. Even if it’s 10 to 15 minutes a day. Even if it’s as simple as taking a walk or physically going to the gym.” In other words—it’s not so much about content as much as consistency for Steinfeld.

You won’t see her at an actual workout class, though she admitted that she’s been wanting to try SoulCycle. “I’ve never tried SoulCycle, and I know that people love it,” she said. “I have friends who are all about it. I haven’t had the chance to try it out.” Classes in general are difficult to fit in her busy day. “I’m very ambitious when it comes to signing up for classes, but my schedule never allows me to stay consistent with them,” she said. Instead, she generally sticks to the workouts that “can take place anywhere.”

Steinfeld admitted that she pays attention to fitness trends, even though she doesn’t participate in them. “It’s always interesting to see the workout of the moment,” she said. “Whether it’s through Instagram or just through what everybody’s doing or trying or talking about. I keep it pretty simple.”

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Hailee Steinfeld’s New Single “Most Girls” Premieres April 28

Shortly after Headline Planet announced the April 28 release date for Hailee Steinfeld’s new single “Most Girls,” the singer-actress released the official artwork.

As noted by Headline Planet, the song will be made immediately available to pop radio in conjunction with Friday’s release. The first adds will be reported in conjunction with the May 2 add board.

Republic has officially confirmed the news.

The label’s radio team has announced that “Most Girls” will arrive on digital platforms this Friday, April 28.

It will immediately go for pop radio airplay, with the first adds set to be reported in conjunction with the May 2 add board (its “impact date”).

Steinfeld is performing at this weekend’s Radio Disney Music Awards ceremony. While her song selection has not been officially announced, the singer-actress has hinted that she may be performing “Most Girls.”