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How to work out on the road like a celeb, according to Hailee Steinfeld

For the fitness class junkie, traveling means a forced break from all of the (sweaty) things your go-to studio has to offer. That is, unless you bring it with you.

Hailee Steinfeld knows the obstacles when it comes to staying in your fitness groove on a work trip or a vacation—which is why the in-demand actress and singer packs the perfect portable workout bag while jet-setting. (I’m guessing she got some pointers from her dad, who’s a personal trainer.)

“I try to devote at least 15 minutes a day to getting some sort of physical activity in.”

“My number-one thing, considering my crazy, crazy schedule, is that I try to devote at least 15 minutes a day to getting some sort of physical activity in,” the 20-year-old star says.

According to a recent interview with Byrdie, the Steinfeld revealed just what she packs in her carry-on so that she can do an effective workout even when there’s no gym within a 10-mile radius.

When she’s on the road, these are her absolute essentials: “I have a lot of resistance bands. I have a jump rope. I have some boxing pads and gloves and a foam roller,” she says. “That is so key. I just got a travel-size one, which comes in handy more than I ever thought it would.”

Of course, any boxing aficionado knows that gloves can knock out (sorry, had to) a ton of your bag space—so to save even more room, maybe have a friend hold up those hotel pillows as you punch them with your fist to get your heart rate up and arm muscles working. Efficiency at its best! (And BFF time makes you a whole lot healthier on its own—as long as nobody gets a black eye.)

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Hailee Steinfeld’s 15-Minute Fitness Routine Is Refreshingly Simple

Hailee Steinfeld has all the makings of a total diva: She’s 20 years old, a movie star, and a recording artist with some of the catchiest songs top-40 radio has seen this century. In reality, however, Steinfeld is quite the opposite. I know this because last week I got the chance to chat with her about of her new collaboration with affordable activewear brand Mission, a partnership that in and of itself speaks to Steinfeld’s down-to-earth nature.

I call Steinfeld on the phone, and even though we’ve never met before, we jump right into our conversation like old friends, swapping workout tips and cheat-day confessions. As we discuss her personal fitness and nutrition philosophy, her demeanour is relaxed and personable. I quickly learn that she’s not the type of celebrity to deliver a practiced account of her fancy one-on-one Pilates sessions. Instead, she tells me about working out with her dad, who’s a personal trainer, and how when she’s on the road and only has 15 minutes to work out, she’ll squeeze in a quick boxing session in her hotel room. “For me, it’s really always been a matter of being physically active, not so much working out,” she says. At 20, Steinfeld already has a remarkably balanced attitude toward fitness.

We can all learn a thing or two from Steinfeld’s admirably chill workout philosophy. Keep scrolling to learn her number one fitness tip, favourite cheat-day food, best body-positive advice, and more.

We love hearing about what other people are doing to stay fit and healthy. What does your current workout routine look like?
My number one thing, considering my crazy, crazy schedule, is that I try to devote at least 15 minutes a day to getting some sort of physical activity in, whether it’s riding a bike, taking a walk, even just walking around in my backyard for 15 minutes—just something to get some fresh air and the blood pumping.

I also spend a lot of time dancing when I’m on the road touring or if I have a performance coming up and I’m in rehearsals. I have six eight-hour dance rehearsals and that’s where I get my workout in. Dance is definitely my workout of choice because I love the fact that it never really feels like I’m working out. Before I know it, hours have gone by, and I’m sweating and feel great.

Totally. I wish I were a better dancer. Did you always enjoy being so active? Are there any workouts you kind of hate?
It’s funny—my dad is actually a personal fitness trainer, and I’ve definitely tried things with him where I’m like, “Okay, never again.”

Oh, like what?
There’s one thing we recently tried, where he brought some battle ropes—you know the battle ropes?

I might have to look those up.
You’ve definitely seen them before. I was like, “Dad, let’s get some of those; they seem awesome. I’m down.” And then I literally did it for maybe three minutes, and I was like, “I never want to see those things again in my life.” Then again, part of me kind of does because I want to totally nail it. We’ll try stuff all the time where I’m like, “I love that,” or, “I don’t love that.” The things I don’t necessarily love, it’s because they’re not easy, but that also makes me want to work harder so that I learn to like it, if that makes sense. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld’s 15-Minute Fitness Routine Is Refreshingly Simple”