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Hailee Steinfeld Loves Peanut Butter as Much as You Do

Oscar-nominated actress and singer Hailee Steinfield is the new face of the women’s collection by Mission’s performance apparel — which is a pretty big deal since the brand has featured only professional athletes until now. And after working out with her in a cardio dance class lead by her choreographer, Amy Allen, we can attest the Hailee is truly a triple threat. We were able to ask her about her how she keeps her life healthy on the road and how she stays grounded with her hectic schedule.

Working out on the road:
From touring, red carpet events, and filming, Hailee is constantly on-the-go, but she finds clever ways to fit in her workouts thanks to her dad, a personal fitness trainer. He customized a box of fitness equipment for her, including resistance bands, jump ropes, and hitting gloves, so Hailee can workout anywhere when on the road. She designs her workout based on wherever she happens to be, and explained that her “workout routine is always different because I’m always in a different place. And that’s what keeps it new and fresh.”

Keeping positive:
Along with taking time to breathe deeply, Hailee reminds herself to stay positive with a simple phrase. “I feel like I tell myself every day, as simple and cliché as this sounds, ‘Take everything one step at a time, day by day.'” There is nothing cliché about that. Anybody can get caught up in the frustrations of life, especially being in a new place every other day.

Favorite fuel:
Fitness routines and positive mindsets are key to life balance, but so is fueling up on healthy snacks. And Hailee clearly loves her peanut butter. When asked about her favorite healthy snack, she quickly replied, “Peanut butter, toast, and banana before a workout or rice cakes and peanut butter. Anything with peanut butter. I love peanut butter.” We feel ya, Hailee. We feel ya.