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Everything we know about ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

The Pitches are coming back. But you probably already knew that.

Two years after Universal announced the release date for Pitch Perfect 3, the third installment in the a capella comedy franchise, a lot has happened: The premiere date has changed, the director has changed and a few details about the plot have finally come out.

So what do we know now? Glad you asked.
Here’s everything that director Trish Sie (who replaced Elizabeth Banks) and star Chrissie Fit (she plays bass Flo) told us about the new movie when we ran into them at the Crystal + Lucy Awards Tuesday night.

It’s being edited now
Sie (Step Up All In) took over the directing reins from Banks, who directed Pitch 2 and still plays Gail in the movie. Banks “got really busy,” says Sie. “She’s directing Charlie’s Angels (the reboot set for 2019) and is helping to develop it. She’s got two little kids. She’s like, ‘It’s time to pass the baton, I’ve got a lot going on.’ ”

So, Sie took over, finished shooting in April and is currently editing the film. “It’s almost done. It’s great.” The film release date has been pushed from July to December.

The big stars are still in it
The main Pitches are back: Anna Kendrick (Beca), Hailee Steinfeld (Emily), Brittany Snow (Chloe), Anna Camp (Aubrey) and Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) return.

There are new characters, too
Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose makes her Pitch Perfect debut, “and she has a great voice,” says Fit.

We’ll learn more about Fat Amy
Why did Fat Amy give herself that nickname? That’s probably something viewers will find out in this movie, which shows “a little bit of Fay Amy’s origin story,” Sie says.

The Barden Bellas aren’t at Barden anymore
“They’re out in the real world,” says Sie. “They go on a USO tour,” likely to support the troops, “and do not stay in the United States. We go all over the place.”

It has songs that aren’t on the radio yet
“Whatever makes me wanna dance, that’s what I go with,” says Sie. She jokes that she and her music team used their “crystal ball” to pick pop songs for the movie that aren’t yet on the airplay charts.

There’s still room for Pitch Perfect 4
“I feel like there’s always going to be room for Pitch Perfect movies as long as people see them,” says Fit. “We’ve become a family, we all love each other.”

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Hailee Steinfeld Performance Set For NBC’s July 4 Fireworks Special

While NBC has not yet officially announced details for its coverage of the 2017 Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, another source has confirmed one of the performers.

According to the 1iota ticketing website, Steinfeld will be taping a performance for the special on June 28.

The performance is one of two upcoming opportunities to see Steinfeld on NBC television. The “Most Girls” artist will also be performing on the July 14 TODAY Show.

Headline Planet will provide an update when additional July 4 performers and guests are revealed.