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June 26 – Interview at Entertainment City in Toronto

Rising pop superstar Hailee Steinfeld talks about how she balances her music and acting career and fast-rising stardom, the inspiration behind her new song “Most Girls”, returning to Pitch Perfect 3, and who keeps her grounded!

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Hailee Steinfeld’s guide to female solidarity

We first set eyes on Hailee Steinfeld as the badass Mattie Ross in the Coen brothers’ 2010 Western True Grit alongside Jeff Bridges. Just 14 years old, Hailee was nominated for that year’s Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and immediately cemented herself as awesome in the eyes of the world. A lot has happened since then; her life got really busy and a lot of doors opened, but she’s still the same old Haiz.

You might have seen her in the teen dream remake of Romeo and Juliet, the second Pitch Perfect (and the trailers for the third), the John Hughes-style coming of age flick The Edge of Seventeen, or any of her many many more movies. Not content with simply singing in multiple massive acapella movies and/or starring in her mate Taylor Swift’s epic squad video for Bad Blood, Hailee dipped her toe into the music world herself with masterbation-themed 2015 single Love Myself, before diving in headfirst and getting a perfect score with last year’s album Haiz. She’s back again with new single Most Girls.

“There was a split second where I heard the song and I was like, hold on, do I wanna be like most girls? No, I wanna be the only me that there is and I wanna be different,” Hailee explains of the single. “I thought about it really hard, listened to the song again, and realised, why wouldn’t anyone want to be like most girls? Because most girls really are amazing and smart and beautiful and have so much to offer. I just think it’s a real progressive way of thinking.”

We applaud Hailee and her progressive pop, because, in a time of musical shade throwing we could always do with more positive people pushing to improve attitudes. “I’ve realised the importance of women coming together in the last few years more than ever before,” she told us on the rooftop bar of her Thames-side London hotel the night after she played Wembley Stadium (no biggie). “I’ve always had strong women in my life that I’ve been able to look up to. But I’ve been guilty of looking for validation in the wrong places or looking at other women as competition and not as a sisterhood. We should band together, support one another, and lift each other up.” Here are some words of wisdom from Miss Steinfeld on female solidarity.

Celebrate your strengths, and those of the girls around you…
“Be aware of what the girl next to you has to offer, and look at how she can help you, as well as how you can help her. Or if there’s a girl in class who is struggling to find herself, or find a friend, be there. Come together and know that supporting one another and being kind more fun and a lot less effort than doing the opposite.” Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld’s guide to female solidarity”