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Why all types of women need to listen to Hailee’s newest song ‘Most Girls’

Young pop star Hailee Steinfeld’s latest song “Most Girls” advocates equality for all types of women. The song trumps the idea of having a unique type of woman better than most. The song took the world by storm by reminding women and men alike that every woman is beautiful in her own way.

The song is all about girl power
As observed in the song’s music video and lyrics, #Hailee portrayed all different types of women and their choices in life. At the first part of the video, it showed how she immediately lost interest in a man who told her she was different than most girls. This alone proves that the song celebrates #Girl power and acceptance of all types of women.

Most girls are smart, strong and beautiful
Through the lyrics, Hailee explains that although women are different in so many ways, each one is smart, strong and beautiful. The choices a woman makes or the life she prefers does not dictate her relevance because being a woman itself means you have value. The song shows that when a woman feels like she does not fit in her own skin and tries to change it, it doesn’t make her any less of a woman. A woman is also allowed to have days when she is not confident about her own skin.

It’s okay to try to change yourself
The song also broke the notion that it’s wrong to change who you are. In fact, the lyrics mentioned that “It’s okay if you wanna change the body that you came in” and you don’t have to feel sorry for wanting to feel confident. According to a study conducted by the Daily News, one in five women actively considers surgery.

Most people would see this as a negative and interpret this as being unacceptable. However, Hailee went the opposite direction and said if you feel confident about it, then do it.

Every woman is in some ways different yet the same
In addition, the song celebrates diversity among women and the beauty of knowing that every woman is free to be who she wants to be. The song tells us that no matter the differences, each woman fights for herself every day and every type of woman has something to offer. Each woman has her own strengths and beauty and there is no single type of woman that is better or worse.

Every woman deserves to be free
All in all, the song “Most Girls” fights the right of women to be free to choose whoever she wants to be without the fear of being stereotyped. Women are not to be criticized based on their choices or in their physique but are made to be loved, accepted, and cherished. Lastly, women are made to be unique – not stuffed in a certain mold just to fit society’s acceptable version of beautiful.