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Pitch Perfect 3 to come back bigger and bolder

Pitch Perfect 3, to open here on Dec 21, released its first trailer last month, featuring the returning ensemble cast including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld and Brittany Snow.

After graduating from Barden University, the Bellas – the all-female a capella singing group – reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas United Service Organizations tour.

According to Deke Sharon, the American vocal producer and arranger of the successful musical comedy series, you can expect the third and final instalment to be “bigger, better, bolder and brighter”.

Speaking to The New Paper over Skype, Sharon – dubbed the “Godfather of contemporary a cappella” – said: “It’s a continuation of the development of the Bellas sound.

“It is very modern, harmony-rich and complex, and will draw from elements of the first two movies with more surprises and additional twists.”

The 49-year-old added: “The first movie (in 2012) was all about the Bellas taking their late 80s and 90s style and weaving it into modern mash-ups. The second movie (in 2015) had them tap into the roots of their sound, which was more vocal harmony.

“Now, the Bellas are going to be doing things that you have never seen before. And in the trailer, you see explosions, world travel and bands with instruments throwing out a tune.

“There is a lot to come and we are firm believers of putting them in increasingly awkward and crazy situations.”

On choosing for the Bellas to belt out US singer Pink’s 2001 smash Get The Party Started for a scene that appears in the trailer, Sharon said: “Pink is a great artist for the Barden Bellas in general because she is American, she is a songwriter and she is also a performer.

“She is very much a self-made woman, and you get that sense from the Bellas.

“It’s a song that works well for a cappella and in the bigger picture, it reminds people of the fun of the Pitch Perfect franchise.” Continue reading “Pitch Perfect 3 to come back bigger and bolder”