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Hailee Steinfeld: Why She’s Copying BFF Taylor Swift & Keeping Niall Horan Romance ‘Super Secret’

Being in a relationship can be scary, but being in a relationship that is subject to scrutiny from the general public is even scarier. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for most celebrities, and Hailee Steinfeld is not here for it! While many of us are dying for her to make her romance with Niall Horan official, Hailee is planning on keeping it under wraps. “Hailee’s fully into Niall, she thinks he’s sexy, talented, and super hot. She wants a serious relationship with Niall, but she’s nervous and a little scared. So, she’s taking it slow and trying to keep it super secret. She isn’t ready to make it public, she doesn’t want the pressure,” a source close to Hailee tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Pretty understandable, right?

“She really admires what Taylor [Swift] has done this time around. How she’s kept her relationship with Joe [Alwyn] so secretive. Hailee’s trying to follow Taylor’s example and keep things with Niall top secret. But, it’s not easy because she’s really into him and when they’re together it’s hard for her to hide it,” our source continued. Now that we think of it, Taylor has done a good job at keeping her relationship with Joe pretty low-key. However, we have a feeling it’ll be a lot harder for Hailee, and not because “she’s really into him.”

As we previously told you, Niall and Hailee were spotted showing off major PDA in the Bahamas on April 18! Not only were they cuddling, but they were even kissing. So, you can understand why we think the news is bound to come out. Nevertheless, we can totally understand Hailee’s perspective, and we wish her and Niall the best!