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Inside Hailee Steinfeld’s Healthy Day

This girl on the go makes breaking a sweat — with her dad! — a priority. Hailee Steinfeld, 21, gives Us a sneak peek at her typical healthy routine.

Rising With the Sun
She’s an early bird! Steinfeld tells Us her alarm clock is “the bright California sun.” As soon as the morning rays creep into her window around 7 a.m., the Los Angeles native says she finds herself “instantly awake.”

The Most Important Meal
For breakfast, the Bumblebee actress grabs a bowl (“maybe two bowls!”) of Kellogg’s cereal. Special K Oats and Honey is her favorite variety.

Furry Friends
Before heading out for the day, the “Let It Go” singer spends quality time with pooches Paris (a miniature Goldendoodle, pictured) and Bruno, a Cock-A-Chon. “I catch up on emails and social media while giving them their morning belly rubs,” she says.

The Best Trainer
Her steady workout partner? “My dad!” she says. “He’s a great motivator.” The star and her father, Peter, a personal trainer, focus on circuits of “high-intensity training with a combination of resistance and cardio,” explains Steinfeld, who also loves kickboxing and jogging. “I try to work out 15 minutes per day at least,” she says. “On average I work out five days a week.”

Brotherly Love
After working up a sweat, Steinfeld meets her older brother, former Nascar driver Griffin, for a bite to eat. Her fuel of choice includes grilled chicken, broccoli and brown rice: “My go-to power lunch,” she says.

Loves Long Walks
She winds down by taking in a Malibu sunset at the beach: “No better feeling than the sand between my toes!” While breathing in the salty air, she catches up with pals by making “some overdue phone calls.”

Bon Voyage
This globe-trotter has a flight to catch! In addition to a packaged snack bar, she counts “AirPods, a notebook and a pen” among her in-flight essentials. “When I’m traveling,” she tells Us, “I drink lots of water, exercise daily and take my vitamins!”