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Hailee Steinfeld Will Release New Music Before Tour

Get excited Hailee Steinfeld fans!!

The 21-year-old entertainer announced that she will have new music coming out very soon.

A fan tweeted and asked if Hailee would be releasing new music before going on tour this summer and she simply responded with a “yes.”

Hailee is set to join Katy Perry on Witness: The Tour in the UK in June before kicking off the Voicenotes Tour with Charlie Puth in July.

Be sure to head to for a full list of summer tour dates and links to purchase tickets!

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Singer Hailee Steinfeld On Transitioning Your Career With Grace

Hailee Steinfeld always knew that she wanted to sing. “I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I’m sure my parents would tell you the same,” she shares.

Her parents nurtured their daughter’s passion when she was seven and they bought her an amplifier and microphone. “Once they brought it home I believe they regretted that instantly,” says Steinfeld But I would set it up in front of the mirror at the bottom of our staircase. Every day I sang into this amplifier. The speaker would run throughout the house. And I would do it for hours and wouldn’t stop.”

Her repertoire was a medley of the last ten songs she had heard that day. She graduated to recording songs in a studio. One of the first songs she ever covered in the studio was “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars. “It was my first real introduction to being in a recording studio,” she says.

While Steinfeld was singing and recording cover songs, she had a parallel career. At same time, she was auditioning every day for acting gigs. Since she was eight she worked in commercials and on television. By the time she was 13, Steinfeld was cast as Mattie Ross in the Coen brothers western True Grit. She starred opposite Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper. The role was a total breakthrough and Steinfeld was nominated for an Academy Award. “Acting became my full-time focus for a couple of years,” she explains. But the music muse never left her. “I realized, I really wanted to get into music,” she says.

As much as she wanted share her musical voice with the world, she was also mindful of the timing. “I wanted it to feel right. Obviously timing is everything. I thought, I would really love for it to happen through a film. I didn’t want it to be, here I am, a movie came out last week and now I’m dropping an album. I wanted it to make sense. It all ended up coming together,” says Steinfeld who starred in Pitch Perfect II and then released a cover version of the song Flashlight that she sang in the film. “I’m so glad that it came when it did because I couldn’t have been more ready. The music journey has been a whole crazy ride.”

The crazy ride continues as Steinfeld’s proverbial candle is burning from every possible end. She attributes her success to having fierce mentors. “I started my career with some of the most incredible people and I’ve had my parents to guide me the whole way,” she explains. “My mom is probably the best advice-giver.” Continue reading “Singer Hailee Steinfeld On Transitioning Your Career With Grace”