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Niall Horan spotted kissing Hailee Steinfeld

The pair were first spotted at a concert in Las Vegas back in March and their appearance led to many questioning whether or not the rumours were just rumours at all.

Since then, Hailee has been seen accompanying Niall to the US Masters and even on a holiday in the Bahamas together. And while we’re pretty sure the pair are an item, they’ve yet to actually confirm it themselves.

Well, this weekend added to the list of proof the pair are dating as they both took to the stage at BBC’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea but were said to be spending a lot of time together off stage.

Speaking on Nick Grimshaw’s show this morning, producer Fiona, who was managing the main stage over the weekend, said she saw the pair hanging out throughout the weekend and kissing. “They were snogging, they were,” she said. “So cute!”

Lads, can yee just post an adorable couple selfie to Instagram already and be done with it.

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Hailee Steinfeld’s Gorgeous Transformation

Hailee Steinfeld burst onto the scene in a big way back in 2010 in the Coen Brothers’ celebrated update of True Grit. In the years since, she’s made her mark in cozy indies and in big budget ensembles alike, while maintaining a successful music career on the side. Steinfeld has made a serious, indelible mark on the entertainment world at a very young age. This is how…

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MNEK Teams Up With Hailee Steinfeld For New Single “Colour”

MNEK has worked with some of pop music’s biggest names behind the scenes, penning hits for Madonna, Beyonce and Dua Lipa. The 23-year-old now teams up with one of them on his new single, “Colour.” The track features the powerful pipes of Hailee Steinfeld and arrives on June 1. It’s the followup to sorely underrated bop “Tongue” and, given his impeccable track record, is destined to be a bop of some magnitude. You can watch a video of the cute collaborators announcing the project here.

While MNEK’s artist project is the focus right now, he is still saving our favorite divas — one song at a time. The Brit’s next major songwriting credit is Christina Aguilera’s “Deserve,” one of the most buzzed-about songs on Liberation. As for Hailee, she recently contributed “Capital Letters,” a collaboration with BloodPop, to the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. After dropping a string of flawless singles, surely it’s time for her to release an album? Preferably with a couple songs from MNEK. Of course.