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Hailee Steinfeld talks about her go-to workout for stress relief and the secret to her brows

Actress, pop star, and all-around badass Hailee Steinfeld is constantly in motion. From her breakout, Oscar-nominated role in True Grit at age 13 to her first single, “Love Myself,” she’s proven to be an unstoppable force of nature. HelloGiggles caught up with Hailee at a special event hosted by athletic apparel brand Mission, featuring a workout class from Hailee’s personal trainer and father Pete Steinfeld. The singer’s dad helps her prep for stage performances so she can be her best while singing and dancing, and we had the opportunity to try her high-intensity, pre-tour workout.

When I received the invite to the class, I was slightly intimidated. I almost never exercise and actually considered feigning an injury in order to simply spectate post-interview. I came to the session dressed in health-goth athleisure wear (slightly brutal in the Beverly Hills sunshine). We assembled poolside on our mats, and after demonstrations by Hailee and Pete, did jumping jacks, mountain climbers, crunches, and some kickboxing moves. What better way to get to know a celebrity than physically putting yourself through their intense exercise regime?

What is your go-to workout when you’re stressed or need to expel some energy?
A run. Just going for a run and getting fresh air, even if it’s a walk. 90% of the time I can’t work out unless I have music. And that 10% or maybe even 5% is when I just need fresh air, silence, or the birds and everything nature.

Let’s talk about your work with Mission and the new collection.
We’re launching the new Max accessories collection. Each product has this HydroActive cooling mechanism, and what’s great about it is you could dunk it in ice cold water and put it around your head, and you will stay cool for hours. It’s great to have these or the towels, especially when I’m on stage and have 30 seconds in between a song. Just wrap it around your wrist or your neck and it instantly cools you down. My dancers are obsessed with it.

Can you tell us about your eyebrows? What is your secret to keeping them full?
For my whole life, I have been told by almost everyone I’ve ever encountered not to touch my brows, so I really haven’t done much. There’s the occasional cleanup I’ve got to do, and sometimes I’ll fill them in lightly. I don’t love going too dark. Every day I’ll lightly pencil them in and add a little bit of brow gel. Charlotte Tilbury has this amazing — I can’t remember the name of it right now — it has the color and the fill-in brush, and underneath there’s this little highlight situation that you can use under the brow. It’s an all-in-one and it hasn’t left my purse since I got it. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld talks about her go-to workout for stress relief and the secret to her brows”