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Hailee Steinfeld interview: I need some flossing advice from Katy Perry

Hailee Steinfeld has enjoyed turning 21. “I love getting ID’d now,” says the actor and singer. “So much so that I have it out before they can ask.”

The Oscar-nominated star of True Grit is also currently supporting Katy Perry’s world tour and is a Rihanna obsessive. Her 2017 hit, Most Girls, is all about gender empowerment. Please don’t stop the music, she says.

Most girls…
Are beautiful, intelligent and strong in their own way. I meet girls and women every day who I aspire to be like. There’s no gold standard.

Who’s your pop idol?
Katy Perry, so opening for her tour is surreal. She has a great energy and the show she puts on is insane.

Is there anything you can teach her?
I need to check out whether she can floss. I’m still working on my flossing.

Something from London you’d like to take home?
I can’t come here and not take a photo in a red telephone booth. I’d also like a pedalo boat from the Serpentine. I tried to hop on one last time I was here but the line was too long.

The last time you were speechless?
I was about five feet away from Rihanna at this year’s Met Gala. You’d think I’d say hello but I got out my phone and took a selfie video instead.

A guilty pleasure?
I love putting Cheetos in a sandwich. You get a bit of a crunch in there.

Strangest thing a fan has sent you?
Avocados, boxes of cereal and a lot of socks. I really don’t mind, though. Please keep the socks coming.

An anti-anxiety hack?
I just Googled the colour teal and set that as my phone background. I know that’s boring but it starts to stress me out when there are apps all over it and a background going on underneath.

An alternative career you’ve considered?
I’ve always wanted to be a ventriloquist or a magician.