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Hailee Steinfeld reveals the role writing has played in her career and the one role that allowed her to completely ‘freak out’

Research reveals that we’re 42 percent more likely to achieve a goal if we tangibly write it down, something that rockstar actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld knows to be true:

“Writing in general is a form of expression … I could be on a plane or in a car or literally anywhere and I do not leave my house without Post-It Notes and a pen … I have to write it down physically.

I have my phone on me at all times, but there’s something more satisfying about writing it down and if it’s ideas that I sort of find I’m inspired by through my travel, I write it down so that when I’m in the studio, I can reference back to it. I’m constantly writing.”

This year, Steinfeld is teaming up with Post-It brand to “encourage students to dream big and write their goals down as they get ready for back-to-school. I’m a huge believer in writing everything down including my goals.”

This concept of visualizing what you yearn for, almost in a seeing-is-believing type manner, was put into action on July 23 when Steinfeld treated students from the NYC chapter of non-profit After School All Stars to a Q&A centered around goal-setting followed by an acoustic performance at NYC’s Bathhouse Studios.

Whatever Steinfeld is doing as far as goal-setting and dream-casting is clearly working — the 21-year-old is currently on a nationwide tour with musician Charlie Puth and set to star in the upcoming “Transformers” spinoff, “Bumblebee”, alongside John Cena.

And though she always dreamed of making it in the industry, Steinfeld has always put her education and schooling first and foremost:

“School was always my first priority and everything else came after that. When I graduated high school, I made the decision that this is the time in my life that I can figure out what I want to do with myself and figure out who I am. I had already been working a ton up until that point, and so I decided to take a couple years off and focus on my work. And you know, there were people that were supportive and people that weren’t. But I am so happy and I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to do what I’m doing.” Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld reveals the role writing has played in her career and the one role that allowed her to completely ‘freak out’”