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Hailee Steinfeld Accused Of Using The N-Word By Hacker Who Broke Into Her Twitter Account DMs

So scary. A hacker tweeted multiple messages from Hailee Steinfeld’s Twitter and dug up an alleged DM that many fans are crying is ‘fake.’ See the troubling tweets under fire, here.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Twitter was broken into on Sept. 21. The hacker posted a series of now deleted tweets from the 21-year-old actress’s account, accusing her of using the n-word. “Lol haley steinfield is racist just found a dm of her using the n word,” the first tweet read, misspelling the Pitch Perfect 3 actress’s name. The hacker then posted a screenshot from the alleged DM, which reads, “jeez what a f***ing n*****.” The rest of the conversation is not shown, and could’ve very well been edited. In the last tweet, the trespasser wrote, “hailee is cancelled she really said the n word in the dms lol SHE’S BEEN CANCELLED SIS.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Hailee’s reps for a comment.

Many of Hailee’s fans are certain the “DM” is fake. “This is edited right? there’s no way she would say that,” one fan tweeted afterwards. More fans defended the “Most Girls” singer with the same word: “unproblematic”! They wrote, “Yall Hailee Steinfeld is the sweetest most genuine person in the industry, shes unproblemetic and kind so whoever is hacking her disgusts me,” “Hailee Steinfeld is like the least problematic girl in the industry, hackers need to stay away from my multitalented Oscar nominee at only 14 sis,” and, “hailee steinfeld is so unproblematic someone had to hack her and photoshop a dm.” One Hailee stan especially got heated and tweeted, “imagine actually hating hailee steinfeld JSDJKD she’s literally an angel and she’s so incredibly beautiful niall picked the right girl but go off i guess!!!!!!!” The Twitter user was referencing Niall Horan, 25, whom Hailee has been casually seeing since dating rumors first started in February.

Another fan also mentioned the former One Direction member, assuming the hacker was a jealous fan. “Which 1d stans hacked Hailee Steinfeld acc,” a fan asked on Twitter after the supposed DM was leaked. As for Hailee and Niall’s relationship, they are still keeping it casual, per Hailee’s wishes. “Niall is a relationship guy and wants to pursue that with Hailee exclusively, but she is taking things slower and is definitely wearing the pants in the relationship so far,” a source close to the pair EXCLUSIVELY told us on Aug. 17. “He’s a bit of a puppy dog for her.” So no jealous haters, please!

After being hacked on Twitter and accused of using the n-word in an alleged DM, Hailee tweeted the following statement on Sept. 21: “Hi everyone, my Twitter was clearly hacked. Everything is back to normal. Love you all. Thank you for looking out for me!”