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Hailee Steinfeld’s lonely city move

Hailee Steinfeld felt “a little depressed” when she first moved to New York City.

The 22-year-old actress made the move to the Big Apple on her own last year, and has said that at times, being alone in a large city made her feel down, despite the other part of her knowing that the move was “awesome”.

She said: “I’ve never had this opportunity of living alone in a new city. I was feeling my way around, and feeling comfortable with that … Part of me was a little depressed, and the other part of me was like, this is awesome.”

The ‘Bumblebee’ star celebrates her 22nd birthday on Tuesday (11.12.18), and says she doesn’t have any “specific feelings” about becoming another year older, although she does think 2019 will be “the best year” of her life.

Speaking to Who What Wear magazine’s December issue, she added: “I don’t have any specific feeling about it. Twenty-one taught me a lot about myself. I do feel like I’m heading into the best year of my life … I feel like I have so much in me right now, and I want to keep going and going. And I will.”

Meanwhile, Hailee – who is believed to be romancing One Direction singer Niall Horan – recently said she feels “very fortunate” to have supportive family and friends who are always around to “protect” her, especially from the dangers of Hollywood.

She said: “I think that I had so much incredible support from everyone around me when I was very young. I have had so many people around me to look out for me and protect me. Of course, any territory and any field of work there are inner and outer obstacles, and things you have to go through. I have been very fortunate to have the support of the people around me.”