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Niall Horan: Why He’s Not Worried About Hailee Steinfeld’s Apparent Diss Track ‘Wrong Direction’

Niall Horan, 26, and Hailee Steinfeld, 23, broke off their romance in Dec. 2018 after a few months of dating and now everyone’s talking about Hailee’s upcoming track “Wrong Direction” because it may very well be a diss song about the former One Direction member. The Irish artist, however, is not worrying too much about it and it’s all due to his experience with music and the understanding he has with his ex.

“Niall is not losing any sleep over Hailee’s upcoming single. He knows the name of the game when it comes to music and these type of songs will happen from time to time, he’ll likely do it in the future himself,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “You have to write about what you know, whether it is heartache and heartbreak or the love of your life. This sort of thing is going to happen all the time and Niall is totally cool with whatever she has to do for her career, even if it ends up bashing him.”

“Niall is actually happy for Hailee in whatever new music she puts out there because he knows how talented she is,” another source EXCLUSIVELY said. “Their split was hard, but time has passed and he has moved forward with it all and he believes she has as well. It feels that everything is water under the bridge at this point and Niall knows better than anybody else that artists use their music as a way to express themselves and he understands if she feels a certain way then she should be able to do the same.”

Although Hailee hasn’t confirmed whether or not the track is about Niall, fans can’t help but think it’s obvious from the title of it. The brunette beauty took to Instagram on Dec. 29 to post a photo that showed the name of the song and used the caption to announce the release date. “1/1,” it simply read.