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Hailee Steinfeld’s Favorite Books Are the Perfect Quarantine Distraction

In these days of social distancing, we’re constantly craving new music that will help break up the monotony. Enter Hailee Steinfeld. Her brand-new single, “I Love You’s,” is upbeat and catchy—the perfect type of song to play on repeat during your at-home workouts, cleaning sprees, or solo dance parties. It’s an exciting taste of what’s to come when Steinfeld releases two EPs later this year. But Steinfeld’s gifts don’t stop there: Now is a great time to catch up on her Apple TV series Dickinson, in which she stars as the acclaimed poet, before season two returns. (Steinfeld is also an executive producer on the series.)

So there you have it: Hailee Steinfeld is here to help you get through this quarantine, one stream at a time. But what’s keeping her entertained these days? Steinfeld spoke to Glamour from her home in L.A., where she’s living with her family, about all of her favorite things right now–from her fave reality show to the leggings she says she lives in—for our new column Your Fave’s Faves. See them all, below.

What’s your fave app?
Alright, listen. I recently downloaded TikTok. I got no shame in the game. It’s pretty entertaining. I currently lurk more than make TikToks, but I have to say I’m getting inspired.

What’s your fave book you’ve read recently?
I’ve had Rupi Kaur’s two books, Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, by my bed forever now, and they’re just the most incredible reads. The first time I read Milk and Honey, I read it start to finish two times. I find that I constantly open the book up, turn to a random page, and there’s something in there that makes me feel something. Her words are so honest and truthful, and some just make me smile. The illustrations in the book are beautiful and represent each poem perfectly. I actually carry them around with me, even if I’m in a recording session. I love that you can flip to any page and find something in there that’s so special.

What’s your fave thing you bought recently?
I’m in the process of putting together a little home studio, so I’ve been very actively ordering equipment online. That’s a daily occurrence.

What’s your fave scent?
Libre by YSL.

Do you have a fave feel-good song?
Currently it’s “Supalonely” by Benee. Damn, it’s so good. That’s a feel-good song for sure. One of my favorite playlists on Spotify is Pop Rising, where you get to hear the songs right before they go on New Music Friday or a bigger playlist. For a second it makes me feel like I discovered the song. [Laughs.]

Do you have a fave pair of leggings?
Alo Yoga makes great leggings, and I live in them. Continue reading “Hailee Steinfeld’s Favorite Books Are the Perfect Quarantine Distraction”