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In quarantine, Hailee Steinfeld is working on new music and hoping you’ll watch ‘Dickinson’

Some artists have postponed plans for new music, but on May 1, Hailee Steinfeld still plans on releasing part 1 of a two-part musical project. In fact, she tells ABC Audio that she’s spending a lot of her quarantine time putting the finishing touches on her songs.

“I set up a little home studio and I’ve been finishing some records that are coming out on part one of my project…that I’m really excited to share with you guys,” says the Oscar-nominated star, who’s isolating with her family and her new puppy. “I’m…working on some new stuff, trying to stay inspired and creative.”

The project will include “I Love Yous” and her other recent single, “Wrong Direction,” both of which were inspired by break-ups.

“[Those songs] are definitely a little taste of what’s to come as far…well, as far as everything,” Hailee laughs. “Lyrically, sonically, songs kind of fall in between them, but as far as subject matter, it’s all very cohesive.”

Meanwhile, Hailee’s got a recommendation for what you should stream while you’re stuck at home.

“It’s called Dickinson. It’s on Apple TV+ for free, available for anyone and everyone to watch, right now!” she laughs. “Go watch it people! This is a show that I am in, that I am so, so proud of and think is so amazing.”

Dickinson stars Hailee as real-life 19th century poet Emily Dickinson, who lived most of her life in isolation.

“That was basically her entire life. She was sort of bound to the four walls in her room and she did what she could to stay creative,” notes Hailee. “So watch that, maybe you’ll get some ideas…maybe I should watch that and get some ideas myself, now that I think about it!”