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Hailee Steinfeld Accused Of Stealing Nicki Minaj’s Music!

Hailee Steinfeld shared new details about her upcoming album, ‘Half Written Story’ but some fans are accusing the singer of copying another artist.

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver Music, and we’re super excited because Hailee Steinfeld is set to drop her new album next Friday, May 8, and she just shared new details with fans!

The mini-album features five songs, including the already released singles “Wrong Direction” and “I Love Yous,” and Hailee has now dropped the full track list as well.

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Hailee Steinfeld Calls out Her Record Label for Not Promoting Her New EP

In her video announcement, Steinfeld said Half Written Story was delayed for a week because she “needed a little extra time to get things perfect.” She confirmed a May 8, 2020 release date, and, just a couple of days later, on April 27, posted the cover art. Also included is the tracklist, which reveals three previously unannounced titles.

Fans were, of course, very excited. Also chiming in in the comments? Her label Republic Records (a part of Universal Music Group). The account posted three heart emojis. Steinfeld replied, “you gonna post about it?”

For whatever reason, Steinfeld shared the news of the EP’s release date, tracklist, and pre-save availability before her label. Republic Records amended this the next day: April 28, 2020. On its official accounts, the label shared the cover art video and tracklist, along with a recent promotional image of Steinfeld.

“New @haileesteinfeld coming soon,” the account captioned the post, adding the date, title, and pointing to a pre-save link in bio. The account also posted this link in its Instagram Story. But needless to say, the comments from Steinfeld’s fans still came. “She dragged you guys lmao,” wrote one. “[You] had to after she came after you,” wrote another.

It’s not typical for a record label to hold back on promoting its artists unless there was some kind of behind-the-scenes disagreement going on. While this could be the case — or there could be some other unknown factor — it can also come down to an instance of the label not prioritizing a particular artist in favor of another.