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Bills Mafia’s royal wedding: Are Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen secretly engaged?

A keen-eyed user spotted what they believed to be an engagement ring on Hailee’s left hand. “Wait, is that a ring on Hailee’s left hand?” the user shared.

The rumor mill went into overdrive, with some fans discussing the dynamics between Hailee, Josh, and Allen’s ex, Brittany Williams, with some of them describing the situation “jarring.”

“Josh and Hailee have been together for a while now. It’s not really “new” anymore. I don’t get the feeling Brittany is mad at them. It’s a weird situation for some of the wags to be in and probably no good reason to give Hailee the cold shoulder,” analized one Redditor.

However, questions arose about whether Williams’ friends might have reservations about hanging out with Steinfeld. “His psycho ex Britt will flip that Hailee is hanging with Summer (Jurazsek),” one asserted, while someone else doubled on it: “That was my first thought. Britt will flip when she sees Summer hanging with Hailee.”

Despite privacy concerns expressed by Josh Allen in the past, the couple has been low-key since the season began, avoiding paparazzi attention. Fans have eagerly speculated about potential marriage plans, fueling rumors about an impending engagement.

Celebrity gossip source Deuxmoi recently added fuel to the fire, predicting that Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld could be one of the celebrity couples getting engaged in 2024.