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Hailee Steinfeld Talks Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye,’ “Wrong Direction,” Privé Revaux, and How She’s Juggling It All

Hailee Steinfeld is really busy. The Oscar nominee/Billboard Music Award winner/Peabody winner/executive producer has a plate packed with projects, but in the face of this last unpredictable year—a chance to “slow down and really focus on what matters,” in her own words—things changed…sorta. Hailee’s version of “slowing down” is full of self care, including but not limited to:

  • cooking with her fam;
  • watching TV, especially her current favorite Marvel character Wanda (sorry Hawkeye);
  • driving around aimlessly;
  • and trying to fit in a solid 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • This list might sound a lot like your own—relatable, even!—if it weren’t for the additional list Hailee took on, including but not limited to:

  • dropping an entire catalog of new music with her EP Half Written Story;
  • debuting season two of Dickinson, which she leads;
  • creating and releasing a line of bikinis with Frankie’s;
  • and working with Privé Revaux, the glasses brand she co-founded.
  • And oh, right, don’t forget about that Marvel series she’s filming literally right now for Disney+. Marvel projects in particular are infamous for their intensity—everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Cate Blanchett has spoken up about the physical demand—so it’s no surprise Hawkeye has taken Hailee’s schedule from 0 to 100…which isn’t such a bad thing!

    “It’s actually been so much fun having to prepare for it, obviously mentally and emotionally, but physically,” Hailee told Cosmopolitan while connecting over Privé Revaux’s spring/summer 2021 collection. The sweet secret straight from the Marvel set? The trainer responsible for getting Hailee ready to shoot arrows as superhero Kate Bishop is none other than her own dad, Pete Steinfeld, whose fitness expertise is coming in clutch.

    “I knew I had a start date on this, and I had to show up, and I was going to be put through it on the physical side of things. And I was so looking forward to it, but I realized that…working out doesn’t always have to be about getting in the gym and sweating so much you can’t even see. It’s not about getting in there and losing as much weight as you possibly can. It’s just about getting your blood flowing and clearing your mind. And, you know, you happen to reap these physical benefits and these mental benefits, which I love,” Hailee told Cosmo. “My dad and I have been working for over a year on this and we continue to do, so it’s now become such a great part of my life that I will never let go of. I have this last crazy year and this role to thank for getting me into that headspace.”

    Joining the Marvel-verse has been top of mind for the actress, but when she was allegedly taking a break, she also put out an EP featuring two singles, “I Love You’s” and “Wrong Direction,” which is an unusual move for someone also taking on lead acting roles. While she knew it was a gift to her fans, the process of releasing such intimate music during a difficult year still makes Hailee emotional.

    “I was feeling very lost and confused and frustrated [while working on “I Love You’s”]. And I had really sort of lost myself within this period of time and [lost] my confidence. It’s a very blurry, blurry time for me, and I remember I had said to myself some way or another, ‘No more I love yous. I need time. I need time to myself, I need time to focus on me. I don’t want the distractions of the relationship.'”

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    “Wrong Direction” was even more complicated, partially because of the pervasive rumor it’s about her ex-boyfriend Niall Horan (the song name alone invokes obvious One Direction comparisons), and partially because Hailee was a songwriter on the track herself, so the lyrics hit close to home.

    “With ‘Wrong Direction’ that was a song that I will never forget that session. It was like, the best but hardest session ever because everything I wanted to say was being said and coming out and going into this song, but it still hurt to hear when it came time to record it. I was like, ‘How am I ever going to do this?’” Hailee told Cosmo. “And then I thought, music and singing and writing and art is such a huge form of release. I realized that in that moment I was able to just get it out, and once it was out it was out and it was off my chest. Although, you know, I’ll hear the song or I’ll think back to writing it and it’s still, it’s painful. But I was able to do that for myself, because it helped me grow.”

    In the midst of everything—and trying to fit in that 7-8 hours to rest—Hailee is still out here flexing her business muscles, because yeah, she also founded Privé Revaux alongside Jamie Foxx and Ashley Benson in her spare time possibly via witchcraft because this girl does not have spare time.

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    For Hailee, who never leaves the house without a pair of sunglasses in her bag, working with Jamie, Ashley, and the Privé team on the collab felt like a natural fit.

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    “They are so wonderful, and we have had just the best time. It’s so crazy to think how much time has come by since we kickstarted this, because it feels like it was just yesterday that Jaime was telling me the story about how he showed up at a red carpet event with a pair of sunglasses that he got so many compliments on,” Hailee said. “I guess he bought [them] on his way to this event because he had forgotten his glasses so he stopped at a gas station, got some frames, and threw them on. And that just happened to be the highlight of his look for the night.”

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